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Relaxed morale and flexible principles pass the gates of passion through challenging reality, we believe in fairy tales, and we live as warriors of success. Once upon a time, everything was the same except for the speed of time that goes through games and business, now it is a moment to wake up in material and spiritual freedom.


Principles agree to new paths for the perfect artistic steps of magnificent love, set traps for wonderful kisses and return to happy moments. Intimate touches shine in the heart of desire, time shows the best traces of our experience in the consequences.

We seek the meaning of life and happiness in all details of the human heart, achieving small victories and great visions on the wings of the faith and energy of the universe. Boxes and presents come with diligent work on mystical solutions of spiritual insights; you are the love that opens the door of my heart with the kisses of the angels.

I wanted to be friends and much more than that, I thought you were an open-hearted lady who would give me sincere thoughts and an open heart. Your gaze went deep into the content of my consciousness, I felt a desire with a combination of a passion play in your warm movements.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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