Do You Know Why Perfect Success is Important in Life?

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There are important things in life, there is a lot of room for our improvement, we progress with wisdom and knowledge all our lives. Perfection is unattainable, it is an illusion, at the same time we need that illusion because perfection determines our focus and goal, achievement. Only those who have a clear goal and focus can move forward, if we do not know where we are going our life can be the maximum average. As the fastest way to achieve the perfect form of success, it is very easy to achieve all great things in perfect small steps. If I want to become a great blogger then I need to study great bloggers, different writing styles, I need to find my purpose and find a way to get the attention of my growing audience. Every step we refine and perfect brings us a new moment for success, we simply move towards success with every small success, our path becomes an experience that leads us to greater perfection. It's nice when we believe that we can do great things, the big problem with most people is that they don't believe, people just don't go their own way to make dreams come true.


We have a chance to always progress, each level of growth and development gives new insights and awareness, with new experiences we have a new dimension of possibilities and potential. There is no bad luck or bad weather, there is a fear that we may not be able to succeed or accomplish some great things and then it becomes our reality. Wake up from your dreams and start achieving your new victories, successes and a new more perfect version of you are waiting for you, see you at the top.

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Slow and steady win the race. Believe in yourself and be confident and consistent for success.


Congratulations @dobartim

I have selected this as the most positive post amongst top 100 hot posts on steemit at this moment.

En estos momentos me siento tan agradecida por haber llegado aquí y haber leído su publicación.
Sus palabras me han llegado. Gracias por hacer este tipo de contenido que motivan y hacen ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva. Usted señor me ha inspirado.


Yes Admin Taking baby steps each day and inserting your bestest potential in your work with honesty and determination , without pressurizing and comparing yourself with others somehow show you a track to walk on where you just gives without fearing the outcome makes us just perfectly imperfect and i think that is Beautiful.