CONTEST - Poetry Game - Reward Pool 80 STEEM

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The power of words shows the emotions and the essence of human nature, which is connected with the primordial values ​​of life. People who write poetry should stand out and be rewarded, it is one dimension of the human spirit that reflects the more powerful emotions that a person can express. This competition is for everyone who loves poetry, and my motive is to start writing poetry on Steemit on a larger scale.


Competition conditions

Reward system :

The competition lasts 7 days.

Prizes will be renewed after seven days.

-1. The winners are determined by the judge who makes the decision @dobartim
-2. We have 3 winners:

First place gets 40 Steem
Second place gets 20 Steem
Third place gets 20 Steem


It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
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Awesome contest.!!

Good luck to everyone who takes part.

Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you my friend

I am a fan of poetry. Thank you for this contest. You will find me among the participants and I will share this post with my friends. I think they are interested in the matter.
Greetings @dobartim

Thank you so much.

hai @dobartim

I like reading your Poetry
sometimes I just keep quiet without commenting

will share with my team members in Aceh.
I hope they have fun making Poetry posts here

Hilsen @sultan-aceh

Thank you very much for your support and kind words

I am very happy with the competition that @dobartim has created. Thank you friends for being able to educate other friends. by @mirzatulalfi

Welcome to Steem family

This is a wonderful contest that can expel your mind,I like to read poetry poetry which is titled to remember and tell us in a gentle way.
Poetry can make a person change, because poetry educates and teaches people in the most gentle way.
I am very interested in your poetry contest, I hope I can join your amazing contest @dobartim.

You are welcome

Yeah, welcome.

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Here is my contribution for this contest:

I don't use Discord anymore because of censorship. (Saw it myself).

Thank you

Yes I am very happy to see your posts, especially today about making poetry contests. I will most likely participate in this contest in the near future.



You are welcome.

hi @dobartim

The competition you have is very interesting, especially for me. Even though I'm still a beginner here. But I am very challenged to participate in the contest that you organize. I really like writing stories even though it's different from [. Even though my work is not as beautiful as yours,
But in the future I will try to make poetry and follow the competitions that you organize.


We won together.
See you on the top

thank you so much

Thanks for your nice comment

all the best for you

The criteria by which the poems are judged are too easy to manipulate :-). There are people here who have several hundred accounts or even thousands.

Thank you for the advice, what is your suggestion for a solution?

A decision maker who decides based on his feelings :-).

I will change this today

thank you very much @dobartim, for making a very useful contest, and I am very interested in the contest you made, and the winning prize is very large, and good luck always friends, and always healthy

Welcome to the winning club

thanks i will try it @dobartim

This is best decision

Hi @dobartim

I am very excited to take part in the poetry competition that you are holding, and I will be participating in this poetry competition friends


See you on the top

Hi @dobartim

Glad to hear this interesting news, of course, there are also many steemians who are increasingly motivated.

Best regards @belkanca.

Best regards

poetry competition will make everyone interested, and hopefully this competition will go well sir @dobartim


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An Awesome digital poetry

This is a very good contest in writing, especially in a series of poetry, I hope this competition will run smoothly @dobartim

Be part of contest

I hope I can take the time to be able to enter this contest

I hope I can take
The time to be able to
Enter this contest

                 - adi.pisces

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi @dobartim

I feel happy to hear this news. this will be an interesting contest, because poetry can educate and teach people in the most gentle way. Good luck to everyone who participates

Regards @digitals-world

See you at the top

writing poetry is one of the works that are popular around the world ,, this is a very phenomenal act to improve our ability in poetry .. Thank you @dobartim.. !!

You are welcome

I am very happy to see this post, especially today about the competition to create poetry content. I will most likely participate in this contest in the near future.

You are welcome

Hi @oby

I am very happy to hear this news. This might be a very interesting contest for other steem users to hone their poetry writing skills

Yes it is, see you on the top

Yeay... Tq for contest 😀🙏

You are welcome

a very extraordinary competition, hopefully the participants who follow it will continue to be enthusiastic in writing poetry

We will see

Thanks for the inspiration to join the poetry gathering.

See you at the top

hi .. @ dobartim .. your post is very interesting and makes me more excited myself in the world of steemit.



Awesome one

Thank you!!

wow that's great 🤗I'm glad to hear that because I love poetry so I will definitely participate thank you so much sir for lovely contest 💞

You are welcome

brilliant idea, I am interested to participate. Thank you for this very useful information.

See you at the top

ok 😊

question how to withdraw the funds earned on steemit?

Be on Steem Schools class, we will teach you

waahh, this is a great idea. I am also interested in taking part in this contest.

Thank you very much for your support and kind words

You are welcome



We win together

Thank's for your invitation, enjoy mi poetry from Venezuela.


I will definitely participate even though my chances of winning is slim due to the process of selecting the winners.

Just expressing myself.

You are welcome

This is very interesting, I hope I can participate in this contest, by writing beautiful and interesting poetry.

You are welcome

See you on the top

Awesome contest to join with! 🤩

You are welcome

It's really interesting contest... I will join this contest


Thank you.

Great One

Dear @dobartim, I want to participate in your contest. Therefore I have taken care of making my discord account, but after I took care of my discord ownership which was assisted and according to @sultan-aceh directions. But discord that I have been taking care of, suddenly I have difficulty logging in to discord. Therefore I register myself by leaving my comments here. I will register myself in discord when I can log back into my discord again.

regards @grisaia-steem

Very nice contest post thanks


Nice one

saya sangat berminat, tapi saya tidak mahir berbahasa inggris, semoga ke depan ada game puisi dengan bahasa bebas.

ENG Please