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Welcome to our curatorship report for the Discord Community of @r2cornell. This time we will give the information corresponding to report 101. For this period, our Discord membership is 2696. Our hive community on Steemit (hive-152200) memberships stands at 1579. We curate 233 steemit publications from Sunday 05-08-2022 to Saturday 05-21-2022.

Bienvenidos a nuestro informe de curaduría para la Comunidad Discord de @r2cornell. En esta oportunidad daremos la información correspondiente al informe 101. Para este período, nuestra membresía de Discord es 2696. Nuestra membresía de la comunidad de la colmena en steemit (colmena-152200) es de 1579. Curamos 233 publicaciones steemit desde el domingo 08-05-2022 hasta el sábado 21-05-2022.


CONTEST: Exclusive culinary art of your ingenuity as an artist. Apamate de Venezuela @mellys #club5050

By @mellys

Domingo de Recreación: Visita a playa Los Canales en Lechería, Anzoátegui. 🌊🏖️☀️ #Club5050

By @oneidaa

👉🏻👉🏻#club5050 || "Teacher Na, Delivery Girl Pa" by @kyrie1234

By @kyrie1234

Club100//Steem Women club Engagement Contest. ///Pleasant Moments With my Dear Friend❤️❤️🇹🇷

By @baycan

Relay "Through the Looking Glass" : Зеркальный бутик

By @solox

#dynamicsteemwomenclub creatividad y arte. 🧜‍♀️sirena encantadora. Arte en uñas 💅. Por @veronica7

By @veronica7

SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 3️⃣ | Promote Your Favorite Supermarket 🛒 | Checkers! @patjewell

By @patjewell

SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 4️⃣ | Mi receta de pizza 🍕 favorita | Pizza de Atún y Jamón por @alicargofer

By @alicargofer

Steemit Engagement Challenge 4 || STEEM GROWTH CONTEST || How many hours have you spent on steemit in the last week || ¿Cuanto tiempo paso en Steemit? by @dexsyluz

By @dexsyluz

Steemit Engagement Challenge 4 | STEEM GROWTH CONTEST - Theme : How many hours have you spent on steemit in the last week || @rafaelcmontero

By @rafaelcmontero


This brings us to the end of our 101 th Curation Report. There are so many quality posts curated this week that it was difficult to choose the ones for the report. I can only say "I congratulate you for your efforts in bringing quality publications, successes for all"

*Esto nos lleva al final de nuestro Informe de la 101ª Curación. Hay tantas publicaciones de calidad curadas esta semana que fue difícil elegir las del informe. Sólo puedo decir "Los felicito por sus esfuerzo en traer publicaciones de calidad, éxitos para todos"

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El apoyo de ustedes es un gran motivo para seguir creciendo, les bendigo y les abrazo. Agradecida por todo él apoyo recibido saludos

Que bueno contar con este apoyo que semana a semana nos incentiva a mejorar y brindarles publicaciones de calidad...Excelentes trabajos!!!

Thank you! Choosing one of my posts is appreciated!!

Excelente recopilación de buenos post . Muchas felicidades a todos se nota que se divierten haciendo publicaciones de calidad y buena información.

Excelente reporte de curaduría, están realizando un gran trabajo.

Muchas gracias por el apoyo recibido constamente amigo @scilwa.

Felicidades a todos los seleccionados. Gran reporte.

Wow se superaron ésta vez con la escogen IA de los post, felicidades 🎊

It is amazing the abilities and imagination of our fellow stemians. Keep up your excellent work 👌

@jhellenmjgr I hope you are doing good in life. You have 235s.p in your account which is generating 1 steem in a month as a curation reward. if you choose to vote also it will hardly add value. now if you delegate 200s.p or as per your decision to nftmc community you will get daily community support with 25-30x times. try this as a trail only for 1 month. If you don't see good results. cancel the delegation immediately, but I give my promise and words that you will not regret it. 🙏🙂 if you have any questions feel free to ask and join our discord.🙏🙂. We will give support why you are powering down. Currently steem price is very low. 🙏🙂

your hashtag has been upvoted on @upvoteandresteem

Grandioso el apoyo que le dan a estos autores de Steemit.


Tener el apoyo de una cuenta de curación como la suya, es un privilegio.

Having the support of a healing account like yours is a privilege.

Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to all winners those who curated by @scilwa and @r2cornell.

Thanks for curatorship report for the Discord Community of @r2cornell. Your selected top post is really amazing. It's a really hard working. Again thanks for your support.

Hello @scilwa, you occasionally visit my posts and curate them and for that, I want to thank you. I appreciate that. Keep being helpful 🙏🏾

My curators try and get to as many posts as they can. Voting power is not as strong on Steemit, which limits the number of posts that can get curated.

Yeah ok but thanks anyway 🙂

Congratulations to all my respected and dear friends
GOD bless you and your cute family's
I like your work R2CORNELL sir

Siempre apoyando las publicaciones, bendiciones.

All the posts are great, thanks for the work done on curating and selecting the best posts.

Wounderful posts by authors.


Thank you tea

Nice choice great👍 job thanku thanks for sharing.