Another Garden Update: The Tomatoes Are Ripening!

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In spite of the fact that we have had a somewhat gloomy and cool August, our tomatoes are finally starting to look like there might be a "tomato season," after all.

Our first red(ish) tomato of the season!

Growing tomatoes in coastal Western Washington is an endeavor of patience as our cool and often cloudy weather is not the ideal situation.

We started fairly early this year, and definitely managed to grow some huge and impressive plants.

Lots of flowers...

And the plants are STILL setting more flowers...

However, it was a very long time before they started flowering, and the cooler summer meant fewer bees to pollinate things... so it also took a fair while before the first tiny green tomatoes started showing up.

Finally, the first small green tomatoes showed up!

By now the plants are heavy with beautiful green tomatoes, but a week of cloudy weather has slowed things down again. But finally we are starting to see some redness out there... and if we just have a week with warm and sunny days, I think we may actually end up with somewhat of a bumper crop!

Now we have DOZENS of beauties like this!

Crossing our collective fingers for sun...

Thanks for stopping by!

(All photos are my own)

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