Steemit Engagement Challenge Season3 Week 2: "Color Palettes Display on My Home Decor" By @sailawana

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Hi Steemian's

Time has passed and now the steemit engagement challenge season 3 contest has entered its 2nd week, I congratulate the winners in week 1 season 3. Hopefully we will continue to be enthusiastic and active and productive in sharing quality content on the steemit platform our favorite together.

This is me @sailawana from Indonesia, warm greetings to all team stars of steem community , this is my first post here and for self-introduction I have included the achievement link 1 in end of this post. My presence today is a form of participation in the *** Steemit engagement challenge season 3 week 2*** contest which was held in the stars of steem community. The contest theme is really interesting which is about color palettes

On this occasion I will also invite my great steemian friends to join this contest, @nadiaturrina @pecintabunga20 @patjwell @dhafwa @kawsar @liasteem.

There are many color palettes that can be combined, according to taste. a harmonious mix of colors will produce a beautiful design and color harmonization in view both in the outfit and interior design, namely residential decoration.

In this contest I feel very happy and challenged to mix and match color groups from the color palettes that have been determined. Especially as a homedecorlovers I often learn how to decorate a room by looking for inspiration from color palettes

My contribution to the contest this time is more to display my home decor using the Color Palettes Group, although in the contest it is also required to apply color palettes in the outfit. But my main focus this time is on the appearance of home decorations

I have 3 color palettes to choose from:

1. Color Palettes Love and Hate


color palettes love and hate

The colors in the love and hate color palettes I try to show on my home decor by combining and combining decoration items and colors that match or are similar to the love and hate color palette

The black color appears on the walls of the room which is the wallpaper, as well as the use of black chairs and benches and flower vases and black mugs, while I put the gray color on the cushion cover. The red color appears on the round pillow, and artificial flowers***. There is also a cellphone with a maroon colored case and an additional pink cushion pillow.



decorate my house using love and hate color palettes

I myself used a simple red gamis out fit with a plain black hood combined.



outfit me and decorating my house with love and hate color palettes

2 Color Palettes Steemit


*color palettes steemit

The dominant steemit color with green, tosca and black, I tried to apply to my home decor. Because I don't have a color out fit like that, so I only show my home decor for this steemit color palette.



decorate my house using steemit color palettes

I show the Tosca color on the cushion cover and I present the green color through green plants. The black color can be seen on the background wall that uses black wallpaper and the chairs are also black.

3. Nature's Color Palette



color palettes nature

Nature color is my favorite color because I really like the colors there. For my home decor, I display green on the sofa and curtains, as well as on the living plants that I display. While the yellow color I present through the sofa cushion cover and on artificial flowers and throw blanket which I use as decoration items.



decorate my house using nature color palettes

For the outfit I used a yellow shirt and a matching hijab. I have a hard time showing the outfit I'm wearing because I'm alone at home and can only take selfie photos.


my home decor and outfit

That's how the color palettes I chose and I designed and displayed through my home decor with a little out of my fit look there too. I hope that my post can inspire and be accepted in this contest

Thank you for those who have read my post as well as those who have been willing to comment, and support, good luck to all

Warm Regards,


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Warna warna pilihannya cantik-cantik sekali ya, sangat sesuai dengan perabotannya dan dekor ya ya😍

Iya kak karena di seting biar sama dengan pilihan warna pada kontes makasih kk sudah mamlir 🥰🤗

@tipu curate

choice of color palettes with attractive colors. You also display decorations that match perfectly with the color palettes. beautiful and attractive. good luck in this contest. Fughting 💪🏻

Thanks for the support and kindly comment. I highly appreciate it

halo teman saya ... betapa indahnya dekorasi rumah Anda, saya menyukainya semuanya berpadu dengan baik ... dan penampilan Anda yang cantik.

pelukan 🤗

Halo juga teman, terimakasih atas kunjungan dan komentar baik nya, saya sangat berterimakasih. Salam sayang untuk mu

Very interesting, the choice of home decoration colors turns out to have meaning for the owner, not just beauty ... by the way, good color selection to add to the comfort of your home ... good luck my friend sista @sailawana

Thanks for reviewing my post also leave a kindly comment. I really appreciate the support. Have a great week brother 😊

It was shared on twitter

Me gusto tu look, me gusto cómo decoraste tu casa para este desafío ,una buena combinación con tus muebles y tu ropa 🙂☺️

Thanks my friend for your positive comment and reviewing my post. I really glad to know this. Hqve a great week

wow! I was really fascinated by the result of your home scene. The result of your look combines very well with the decorations and you managed to transfer the palettes to your environment.


Recommendation: Try to change the size of the photos, the cover image is very long. It is recommended to use photos with a 16:9 cut or use codes that help you place the images on the sides and reduce their size in view.

Here I left you a post that will help you:

Thanks for participating...

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Thanks for visit my post and give your advice to my image, I will try to fix them with your guiding. Thanks a lot my friend

Friend @sailawana, Expetacula the furniture design with those colors that give life to your home, I loved the colors you chose from the color palette. I really liked the decoration of Steemit in your cushions and in the beautiful natural ones.

All the beautiful decoration, for each week, to renew the room, ❤️ I really loved it.

congratulations on your choice that are very lively and happy.

Greetings and a thousand blessings 🤗👍🏻

Thanks my dear friend for coming and reading my post, I really appreciate your nicely comment. Have a nice day for you


What a good selection of colors you have made, and what a beautiful combination you managed to make, congratulations

Thanks my friend for the attention to my post, also your kindly comment , I really appreciate it.

Hermosa combinación de su hogar con las paletas de colores, y además tú atuendo.
Quedaron muy lindas las fotografías.
Saludos y suerte en el concurso.

Terimakasih teman atas kunjungan nya juga do'a baik anda. Sukses juga untuk mu

Indah sekali lingkungan rumah kakak, pasti betah banget disana, penuh warna dan juga cerah. Kaka mengatur nya dengan sangat baik, keknya harus belajar banyak dan pengen berkunjung dan melihat langsung keindahannya...
Semoga sukses kak buat kontesnya...

Masya Allah, makasih lia komentar positif nya, tapi terkadang semua bisa di setinga dan saat udh kena efek filter serta editing maka indah lah semuanya 😁😊 . Di tunggu kunjungan nya ya 😘😘

Editing juga haris dengan skill kk biar gx ngaur...
InsyaAllah akan segera berkunjung,. 😅
Sukses selalu akak

Aamiin. Do'a yang sama untuk lia


Amiga eres afortunada tienes una casa hermosa!! Me gustó mucho tu publicación y cada escenario se ve súper ordenado y encaja perfectamente en cada paleta de color.

Saludos, mucho éxito!

Saya sangat menghargai kunjungan anda ke postingan saya teman. Anda sangat baik hati. Terimakasih atas kata-kata indah dan support nya..salam hangat

Bagus decornya. Bisa buka jasa home decor ni. 👍

Makasih ya kak. Mau banget kalau ada yang butuh jasa ft. Ft bersedia bntuin grats.. hehe..

What a beautiful participation where you show us the beautiful colors in your wardrobe and around, very original. All the tones are beautiful, especially the one in the Steemit palette. many successes 😄

Thanks my dear friend for your attention and kidnly comment its makes me more motivate. Succes for you too

Just amazing, lovely home decor with nicely use of color combination of palette, i like it so much.

Thank you my friend..

masyaallah, sister's house is very aesthetic. may I know where did you buy the furniture, sis?

Tabarakallah, hanya furniture biasa, beberapa.nya hadiah dari give away homedecorlovers yang dulu pernah saya ikuti. Tapi sekarang udah pensiun ngedekornya hehe.. makasih udah mampir ya..

Semoga bisa mampir lagi di postgn kontes saya yg terbaru tadi.

Oke sister sama sama 🥰

Hola amiga bella, me encantó la manera como presentases tus looks... La Paleta de colores muy linda también...

Thank you my dear friend for visit my post and your kindly comment. Have agreat week

Igual amiga saludos...

Beautiful! My friend you have such a great eye for decor! You should open a business.
In South Africa it pays very well.
Good luck for the contest 🤞🏻

Aha..great idea abou open a business. But if I could go there. Thanks for revisit my post and the support my dear


Hi dear, you made everything look perfect. Both your dress and your decoration are beautiful. I actually love your presentation. Good luck.
Check my link below

Thanks for reviewing my post. OK I 'll be there soon

Thank you. I do be expecting

Hermosas tus paletas de colores que escogiste a, me encanta, cada uno hace un contraste precioso.
Te deseo mucho éxito, saludos 🙋🏼‍♀️

Thanks my dear friend for your nice comment, I really happy do you like it. Greetings from Indonesia

Wah, tulisan yang sangat bagus dan juha konten yang Ibuk angkat sangat menarik😊👍

Konten nya sesuai rules di kontes. Trims ya udah mampir. Selamat beristirahat

sama-sama buk😊

Algo distinto, me alegra ver su participación de paletas de colores en su hogar que hermoso

Thank you so much for your good words

Many blessing

Con gusto amiga, felíz día