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Hi everyone so routine is the same so I am sleeping a little bit too much I mean waking up at noon but that’s because I just can’t sleep at night I don’t know why just little bit anxious or whatever but I can’t I do think I can work everything out for now still waking up this late but further on a realy will be needing to change my routine and just started just a little bit earlier
So I had my butt sore I couldn’t sit down but today is a second day and it’s enough of the rest I mean my but still going to rest because I’m doing uper body tonight so it’s my hands and my core I’m actually really progressing in that area I was really struggling but I don’t know how suddenly the same exercises are just working and I can see physical changes on my body routine ha ha I don’t know but I’m really seeing my progress.
My body still recovering but tomorrow is leg day, that is my favorite kind of day and as you know your girl I am super shy I don’t like asking or like talking to strangers for help or anything so I do love everything to figure out by my own but this like mashine I just couldn’t figure it out it was a totally different machine and I didn’t know the concept but I still stepped out of my comfort zone and asked even though I asked her I still couldn’t do it I was afraid I’m that kind of girl when you tell me something I’m just not sure if I don’t see it with my own eyes so she was like OK if you don’t want to I will do it and I was like oh come on Andjelija so I did 50 kg yeah for the first time it’s really cool I think I can do more I can surely do 6065 at least and yeah and the I didn’t know how much weight does machine without that added weights so I had to step out again and ask trainer for that information but yeah I asked I am so progressing with my social skills ha ha just kidding

So today I’m starting day like every day breakfast and just studying all day before I go to the gym breakfast day is going to be eggs and toast and something like that I missing my proteins yes I don’t have them I need to buy them and I just need to get my proteins but I think I will be just fine because I bought a chicken breast no chicken thigh and is it going to be like 45/50 proteins and then I’m going to eat some eggs now and those kind of stuff maybe eggs and sardines I don’t know but I think I’ll be will figure out the proteins without actually powder and these days I’m just going to buy a new one





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