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So I wanted to do a little some of my physical aesthetics in the last picture was me like 45 years ago and I was always struggling with on the rating problem disorder what are you like to say I had a tapas for not having breakfast but I did have plate for lunch and even more dinner 19 hours apart so fast which is McDonald’s like everything unhealthy and in really big measurements and I was looking like that in the light bitch I’m super skinny and people knows everything you know everybody knows everything we’re like why are you so skinny you just need to eat if I was you I would keen kilograms like for two days because I like to eat a little a lot and all those kind of stuff I’m struggling with my in the waiting I am doing a lot lot better and as you can see me to read picture is me same pose say mirror same place same fucking insurance what does he can see yeah my whole leg he’s actually feeling his shorts you don’t have two from three species of it blank so I’m really proud of myself and I did it really healthy way so as you can see aching muscles as weights and I am I’m really proud of myself I am happy for listening to myself and I am still figuring out on that eating problem eating I don’t eat a lot but I do suffer from like not having appetite every time I am super happy nervous or sad so it’s always just reflects on it but that’s how I am and I am doing really great with coping with it and I am really happy how I look now and I hope I will be even happier in the future


*Time lap in first picture is 2 months *
*Time lap is 4/5 years *


*Time lap is 5 months *


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Absolute fire.

I love your results. I congratulate you.

Great job