Development of the boylikegirl club(2022-08-15)

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Hi friends

I'm glad to be able to share our development with you again. Last time we introduced our own message interaction UI. This time we will introduce more UI functions.

When we want to reply to a user, click the reply button, you can enter your text, and we provide Emoj options as shown below.


When you want to vote, we can let you choose the voting ratio you need to better control your voting power, And there is no SP threshold for this function


Don't know if you are still satisfied with the comment function above?

Next, we will introduce the functions of our community,

On the basis of retaining the original functions, we put the community homepage and community functions on one page to make the user's operation more concise as shown below:


The picture is the home page of the community. Users can set query conditions


When users want to find a community, they just need to click the community tab as shown below:


The same community also provides corresponding inquiries


At present, the Steem community does not seem to be able to upload their own pictures, and if they can, they will also display community pictures in the future.

The above is the content of this introduction.

Thank you for reading. Your support will be the driving force for us to move forward.

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