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Today I want to participate in a very impressive challenge. I have been planning to participate in it for a long time, but somehow somehow there was no time or suitable material.

But I carefully watch this challenge. I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years and find interesting cooking recipes for myself.

Today my photos are from Prague.
I often visit this city. And, in addition to the general coloring of this wonderful city, only there I saw a scattering of fruits and berries in small markets at any time of the year


You can choose larger or smaller portions. All berries are always washed and ready to eat.


This is a great and healthy option for a light snack in the city.


Thanks the creator of this challenge @lenasveganliving

All photos made with huawei p30pro camera

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Oh wow! I was planning to visit Prague in May, unfortunately I had to cancel my trip to Europe this year. But I ma going next year for sure! These are beautiful photos 🍓💜🍓


Oh, you are a lucky person! I really love Prague, a very beautiful and atmospheric place in Europe
But not this year, that's for sure((

Lovely fruits. I wish I could have all of them right now.