SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 2️⃣ | Who Is Your Favorite Chef 🧑‍🍳 in Your Family? | +25 STEEM Reward ⭐️---Expired---

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SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 2️⃣  Who Is Your Favorite Chef in Your Family🧑_🍳  +25 STEEM Reward ⭐️.png

Hello Everyone:

Today, I will be announcing the second week competition in detail for the SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge.

SteemFoods Steemit Engagement Challenge, the first week competition that I specially organized, has ended and no entries will be confirmed as of this time. Please make sure you are using the correct tag.

SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 1️⃣ | Prepare Your Most Practical Recipe ! 🧑‍🍳 | +25 STEEM Reward ⭐️---Expired---

There have been a lot of entries in our contest, we've seen our previously inactive users share their content on the SteemFoods Community, and it's a pleasure.

⭐️Thank you very much to everyone who participated, I will share the control, list and prize distribution of the content for the competition as soon as possible (within 2 days at the latest on @steemitfoods account.

Now, I will organize the second week of SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge, and I will give you detailed information about the subject, rules and awards of the competition below.

In the SteemFoods Community specifically for the Steemit Engagement Challenge, I will organize a competition every week and a special competition for a total of four weeks. We are now in week two and we have two more weeks ahead of us.

➡️ If you produce quality content and at least provide the rules of club5050, you may have the chance to get vote support, as this contest content is tried to be checked by steemcurator01/steemcurator02 when available. (Not Guaranteed)

What is the Subject of the Contest?

⭐️ The theme of this week's competition is "Who Is Your Favorite Chef in your family?

With this contest, we want to know who is the best cook in the families of our users in the SteemFoods Community, and this way we will have the opportunity to get to know each other better. We can say "Chef" for the person who prepares the favorite recipe in your family. 🙂

➡️ I think we all have someone in our family who prepares most of the meals at home, and these people often prepare much more delicious meals than other family members. You can be the person who prepares the best meal in your family, you can share with us information about yourself that we do not know, your cooking skills, your favorite recipes.

➡️ If you are not your favorite chef in your family, you can share with us who this favorite chef is, your degree of affinity, why she/he is your favorite chef in your family, your favorite chef's favorite recipe, and photos of the dishes he prepares. Your chef can be anyone in your family, this chef can be you too, there is no limit here. Share your food and cooking skills and experiences with yourself.

⭐️ You can add your chef's food and cooking skills, a selfie photo of her/him, photos of your chef's favorite dishes, what those dishes are. We want most of the information in the post you prepared to be about food and cooking. ( If your favorite chef is yourself, you can take a selfie photo of yourself for this competition.)

What are the Rules of the Contest?

➡️ We have a total of 7 rules for the competition at the moment, but these rules should not worry you, if you are a user who is already active and knows how to produce quality content, they are very simple for you. 🙂

1️⃣ Share your contest post on the SteemFoods Community.

2️⃣ You can share your contest post as early as Monday 00:00 (UTC). The last time to join is Sunday 23:59(UTC).

3️⃣ Add a selfie photo with your favorite chef and it's important to get to know you and your family. If your favorite chef is yourself, a selfie photo specific to this contest would be great.

4️⃣ You should add your favorite chef, the photo of the food she/he prepared and the photo of your favorite chef's favorite recipes + information to your post. I have added explanatory information about it in a section above. ( If your favorite chef is yourself, we'd love to see your favorite recipes. )

4️⃣ Include the hashtag #sf-favoritechef as one of the top 5 tags of your post.

Otherwise, we may not be able to see your participation in the competition. Please pay attention to the tag writing.

5️⃣ Next to your favorite chef's meals, you can handwrite SteemFoods , date and sf-favoritechef with your handwriting on a piece of paper. This is important so that we can confirm that the content you have prepared is exclusive to this competition, please pay attention.

6️⃣ Only users who provide at least #club5050 hashtag can participate in the competition. No matter how high quality your post is, if you do not provide at least #club5050, your participation will not be approved and you will not receive vote support.

[ 1️⃣] Single Post: Club5050-Club75-Club100 Fully Information Package Most Updated Version 💯

7️⃣ As an extra rule added by the Steemit team, your post must receive votes from at least 10 different users and comment from at least 5 different users. So check posts within the contest, comment, vote and interact. Detailed information about this will be shared by @steemitblog, and I will help you with the announcements I will share from @steemitfoods.

📌 [ comments like “great” “good” “nice” etc. simple words are not eligible]

Those who want to contribute to the strengthening of the SteemFoods Community;

⭐️ To support the SteemFoods Community, you can set a percentage of benefactor rewards for @sf-charity on your post. But there is no obligation, users who want to support and contribute to the strengthening of our community can do so. Thanks... 🤗 [ Completely Optional, Not the Rule!🙂]

Awards :

  • You can be sure that I will try to support voting with @steemitfoods account for each of our users who follow the rules of the competition and produce quality content.

  • This week, I will try to add most of the content that I will choose in the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day", the posts prepared for this competition. In this way, I will increase your chances of getting vote support for your contest content with the @booming account.

  • steemcurator01 & steemcurator02 will check contest content in the community when available. ( No Guarantee Vote Support )

Besides voting support, I will send 5 STEEM to each of the authors of the Top 5 Posts prepared for the contest. 🏆

Contest Start and End Date:

➡️You can share your contest post on Monday, May 1, 2022 at 00:00 (UTC) at the earliest.

➡️ The last day to post your contest post is May 8, 2022 at 23:59 (UTC).

Contest Tips🕵️‍♀️

I will try to choose our users who add detailed information about their favorite chef, a selfie photo with their favorite chef, a photo of the chef's favorite dishes, and small steps of their favorite recipe. In addition, I will examine in detail the users who review, comment and upvote other posts of this contest. Other tips are already available above! 🙂

I wish Everyone Success... 🙂

You can support us by resteeming this announcement, following @steemitfoods, and tagging your friends in the comments section of this post... 🤗

To Join SteemFoods #club5050 Telegram Group:

By joining the SteemFoodsXClub5050 Telegram Group, you can ask your questions. I will help you as fast as possible...



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El que necesite un ayudante que les pruebe la comida, estoy a la orden.

Excelente propuesta amigos, me encanta este concurso, ya tengo a mi CHEF FAVORITA!! :)

Buenos días por acá mi participación en esta nueva semana. Bendiciones y mucho éxito para todos. 🤗


Maraviloso concurso e interesante , manos a la obra.

Que buen concurso, de seguro en cada casa hay un chef escondido y aquí lo demostrarán.
Yo tengo mi chef favorito y muy pronto realizaré mi entrada

Hola !! Me encanta este concurso, lista para preparar mi publicación. Saludos

Excelente, de seguro hay muchos chef favoritos en la familia.

They are right, there is always someone at home who cooks better than others and that makes them look like the best chef in the world.
So I will look for support material to make my participation.
Best regards.
Many Blessings.🙏🏻

I love this idea. Examining my family tree already XD

Hola amigo.
Muy interesante este segundo tema para el desafío.

Ya tengo mi shef favorito.

En la familia hay varios, entre ellos esta mi esposo.


Oh! I love this theme because I had something to share about this. Will be preparing my entry soon.

Really 😎 cool and i am very excited to participate share my entry soon.

Beautiful contest

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Amazing contest .keep up

This is an amazing contest that we all have to promote that person that is the best chefw in our various famit.

Expect my entry soonest.

Que gran concurso esperemos ver a muchos chef en este concurso.

One more great contest in #steemfoods, definitely I'll participate in this

So sad, I am away from my favorite chef.

Este concurso estará muy interesante. Nos vemos pronto en la cocina.

Guao es Increíble una Nueva semana Otro Reto Maravilloso que de seguro traerá muchas buenas participaciones.

Todos tenemos un chef en nuestras Familias que nos enamora con sus excelentes Platillos

Yo tengo la mia y es Especial, 😍 estaré haciendo mi entrada muy pronto.

Waoo great competition once again i just start to write my diary about my favourite chef.

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Buenísima 😋 propuesta... Ya tengo mi cheff favorito ❣️

Wow amazing one 😍

Excelente me encanta este concurso

Excelente propuesta.Yo tengo a mi chef favorito.🌺❤️😁

Este concurso está excelente, en todos los hogares siempre tenemos un "chef" favorito..!

Mi chef favorita es mi mami, pero está lejos de mi. Así que voy a ver qué me invento 🥰 éxitos 🙏

Buenas noches comunidad

01 Alimentos Steem.png

Acá mi participacion en el concurso correspondiente a la segunda semana del desafío Steemit Engagement Challenge que se realiza en la plataforma.

Espero estar a la altura de las circunstancias.

Hasta la proxima...

cc: @steemitfoods

New delegation update, kindly check. Thanks..


Feliz día para todos !! Por aquí mi participación, espero les guste. Se las presento con mucho cariño .

Me encanta. Ya tengo mil ideas para participar. Gracias equipo

Hola amigos, un gusto saludarlos, aca les dejo mi participación:
Saludos y mucho éxito.