----Collaboration Removed-----

in hive-148497 •  9 months ago  (edited)

See you on better projects for the SteemFoods Community and our users. Our collaboration with Walnut ended before it even started.

Our delegation awards will continue as STEEM + TRX.

I will continue to search for new and more innovative projects for you and work to improve the community.

Thank you for your understanding. I tested Walnut before you and I was found to have a few issues. I ended this cooperation because I want you not to encounter these problems.

I will continue to look for future and better collaborations...

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Excelente proyecto se que cada día aprenderemos más y será de gran ayuda lo felicito

Great initiative sir @alikoc07. It will really help every steemians for their future and the future of the community. God bless us all

Remarkable :D Looking forward to the next post :)

Atenta a los próximos anuncios!!

This is very interesting though I'm don't understand yet about nutbox but I believe this could be another achievement of Steemfoods Community that we users also can benefit it. Thank you #steemfoods for all the hardworks.

Can't wait to see further and detailed information. It's pretty cool to hear about partnerships like these ones. 👍🏼 #venezuela #affable

Great work @alikoc07
Great initiative!

Do we get PNUT (not NUT) tokens if we delegate SP to SteemFoods through Walnut (https://walnut.nutbox.io )?

Great partnership I would say-
What Apr you pay for sp delegation and also for NUT what would be the Apr?

Es bueno leer esta noticia,debemos aprender mas sobre ello,gracias por la información.

great news! you will be an example for all communities!

This is simply great news for all the foodies of Steemit my friend! Great achievement indeed!

I have this one query though : The SP we are delegating is not counted if I understood well...

Do you recommend that I undelegate the actual and then make it again via Walnut!? I would love to earn some nuts too!

I just wanted to check with you as I don't want to be misunderstood if you see me undelegating...

Let me know.
Thanks and have a great day/evening ahead!