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Hello Everyone:

Today I will tell you in detail how the #club5050 tag works and what all its rules are.

The main reason for not preparing this post was the rule change in the #club5050 tag with the date of November 1, 2021 by the steemit team. With this change, there is no post with all the rules compiled. I shared all the information about the rule change with you in detail in the SteemFoods Community.

With this post, I wanted to compile all the rules of steemit users and share them with a single post.

I wanted to combine the post shared by @steemitblog where the #club5050 tag was first announced, and the two posts where the #club5050 tag was changed. I hope this post contributes to the steemit team.

Communities of the Month Support Program - Applications for November

Communities of the Month Support Program - November Winners

To begin with, I will give information about how the #club5050 tag works and why this project was started. Then you will see all the rules. I hope this post will help you.

Club5050 - How It Works ?

The project with the tag #club5050 was started by the steemit team to encourage people to invest in the future of steem. After the official launch of the project, many users on steemit have joined this project and the interest in the project is increasing day by day.
Of course, there are some rules to use this tag and you have to follow these rules. After explaining how the project works, you will see all the rules below.

With this project, an increase in the amount of SP in both the economy of steem and the wallet of its users is encouraged.

Before this project, many users on steemit were transferring most of their income to exchanges, not trying to increase the SP in their wallet.. This prevented users from raising their Steem Power, which is the most important thing in steemit. Now, with this project, we will see that the SP in the wallets of active content producers is growing day by day. This will make a very positive contribution to both the STEEM Community and the steem economy.

With this project, the steemit team wants to reduce the amount of steem + sbd that users transfer, and in this way, enable users to Power Up with their income.

What Are All the Rules?

  • With the rule change made by the steemit team on November 1, 2021, you now have to check the last 30 days (in 1 calendar month) activity in your wallet, not the last 7 days. The amount of SP Power Up you have done in the last 30 days must be equal to or more than the amount of steem + sbd you transferred. This is one of the most important rules. You can learn all about this rule change by reviewing the three posts below.

Rule Change in #club5050 Tag: Wallet Activity Duration Will Increase from 7 Days to 1 Calendar Month!

Wallet Activity Duration at #club5050 will increase to 1 Calendar Month in 7 Days on November 1, 2021!

To Check Your Wallet's Activity for the Last 30 Days: Use the Steem Transfer Search App on SteemWorld.Org!

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If you want to transfer from your wallet, make sure to follow the rule above. This way you can best balance 30 days of activity in your wallet. For example, after transferring 20 SBD to the stock market, you can buy 20 SBD+ worth of Steem on and then Power Up. In this way, you can balance the activity in your wallet in the best way...

  • club5050-rules-.png

TIP: If you have the right to use the Club5050 Tag and you follow the rules above, you will have a chance to get vote support. Vote support is not guaranteed, but if you follow the rules and produce active quality content, you have a high chance of getting vote support. If you want to attract the attention of the steemit curation team as an extra, you can do a large amount of SP Power Up... Users with high SP Power Up are always welcome by the steemit team. I hope this post helps you..

If you are wondering why the rule change in the #club5050 tag is caused and the benefits of this rule change, you can review the following post...

What are the Benefits of the Rule Change in the #club5050 Tag? πŸ†•

This post was prepared by @steemitblog with reference to two posts with information about the #club5050 tag...

Communities of the Month Support Program - Applications for November

Communities of the Month Support Program - November Winners

To Join SteemFoods Club5050 Telegram Group:

By joining the SteemFoodsXClub5050 Telegram Group, you can ask your questions. I will help you as fast as possible...



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Thank you for always updating us @steemitfoods.

Es una informaciΓ³n bastante nutritiva para todos los que publicamos en el club 5050

Muchas gracias por este post @steemitfoods aclare muchas dudas ... Excelente publicaciΓ³n... Saludos πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ€—