The Food Diary Game Season: 8| 27-04-2022 | club100| It's all about food!!🌮

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Greetings to all foodies here✨

It was all about food on this day! I had some different kinds of food varieties. So, look what I had on this day🤗.


Breakfast 🥥

Last Sunday I brought some sweet potatoes. We usually eat those for breakfast. Boiled sweet potatoes with some coconut sambol are so perfect.


After a few hours of taking my breakfast, I did some office work while drinking this canned soft drink. They were gifted by my friend.


Lunch 🍛

There are some best combinations for lunch. This is one of them. Rice with coconut sambol, tempered dry fish, dual curry, and some fried papadam and red chilies.

I think most Sri Lankans prefer to have this combination for lunch. The taste was awesome! I can eat more and more😅.



Tea Time🍫

I enjoyed this delicious chocolate bar while watching tv in the evening. It was yummy!


Dinner 🌮

I always try new recipes for dinner. So, this is one of them. It was so yummy as it looks. The shape is like tacos, but it's not actually.
It has a noodles filling. The wrap is made like roti and then folds.

I'll share its recipe later with you guys. Sure, you'll love it. It's really easy to prepare too!

There was like lots of food on one day to me. I think that because those foods are my favorites.😊

Hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading,friends 💐

Have a beautiful day!

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