SteemFoods X Steemit Engagement Challenge Contest 4️⃣ | My Favorite Pizza Recipe 🍕

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Hello SteemFoods, happy to join this contest as it had finally given me the opportunity to make pizza for the first time. Pizza is a combination of pizza dough, pizza stew and whatever toppings you prefer. Luckily i had everything at home so without wasting much time, let's begin...

Edited by me on Pixellab


First I started with the pizza dough. To make that i used the following ingredients.

  • 500grams flour
  • Milk flavour
  • Yeast
  • Half cup oil.
  • Half cup of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon salt

Pizza dough procedure.

  • First, I mixed my yeast in a cup of warm water to activate then set aside.

  • Next, I added all my other ingredients to the flour. The milk flavour, the vanilla, eggs, salt, sugar and oil.

  • Now I simple mixed everything together and ended up with a crumble texture. Before adding the yeast I set aside earlier to activate.

  • Next, I kneaded it till I had a soft and smooth dough. From there, I cut into two according to the sizes of my pan. I oiled the pan, rolled the dough and put in the pan before setting aside.


For the pizza stew, i used;

  • Fresh tomato.
  • Sachet tomato.
  • Onion
  • Maggi cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • Curry powder.
  • Oil

Pizza stew procedure

  • I started by blending my flesh tomatoes with green spices.

  • After blending, I put my oil on fire, added the tomatoes to it then added my sachet tomato.

  • After letting it boil for a while, I added my sliced onion then i added my curry powder, maggi and salt to taste.
  • Let it boil for a while, stir and its ready. Set it aside!!!


This is quite simple all i did was slice the things I wanted to use as my toppings. Sadly i had no cheese. I used

  • Tomatoes
  • Green pepper
  • Onion
  • Green spices



Everything is ready so let's get it together. Take the pizza dough that was set aside, for me I pressed the inside so i can start filling.

  • First I put the tomatoes sauce or stew.

  • Then now, I just added the toppings I sliced earlier.

  • Now, I put my pizza in a pre heated pot with stones under(local baking method).

  • After about 30 to 45 mins, my pizza was ready. I took it out, sliced it and started eating.


My sister liked it a lot😂😂😂. The problem i had was that the pizza bread was toooo thick since i didn't roll thin enough knowing it will rise😂. The bread was lovely and the stew was perfect.

My sis and I enjoying our treat


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Hola tu pizza se interesante me gusta la receta porque es como vegetariana.


Muchísimas gracias

I really enjoyed the sentences you wrote in this contest.
it is a delicious pizza, you have made a very delicious dish for you to enjoy.
Keep writing, I hope you will be rewarded by this contest.
Good luck..!!

Thanks very much.
I hope so too😊

Wowo I like this recipe of your pizza 🍕 and it looks yummy 😋 I hope the taste is really nice too

The taste is great mom.
Thanks for the great comment.

Yummy yummy pizza, I love pizza so much and the way you prepared your I know it will be so delicious 😋 please send my own.

I wish I could send ohh.
You can take a few slices from there😁

Yeah it was delicious

🤣🤣🤣🤣thank you

Thanks for this briefed steps because I will follow the steps to make my own pizza.

I love eating but I have never really made any.

You sister did enjoyed your pizza
Good luck

Thank you dr

I love your creativity especially the ingredients used to make the pizza. I see it is good recipe for vegetarians. I wish I had the opportunity to make it but unfortunately, it is ghost town here and everywhere is locked down. I cannot buy the ingredients to prepare it. I will definitely try it some other day. Thanks for sharing your recipe with us.

Ooh sorry about that.
It's not serious where i am.
Stay safe

Hi, @graciella and thanks for sharing your favorite pizza recipe in this Week 4 of the Engagement Challenge :).

This pizza crust looks spongy and appetizing. It's the first time I see somebody add milk flavor and vanilla to it, by the way. It must be an interesting combination.

Really amazing homemade veggie pizza. Glad you had everything you needed at home. We enjoyed the GIFs :)

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Yeah i love that combination in most of my pastries.
Thanks a lot for the review

@graciella this is lovely! You have prepared it so nicely and the steps are very clear, simple and easy to follow. Thanks for your entry

Thanks mom
I had huge problem with the pizza bread, although it was delicious, its fat so I'll be reading other entries.

Well done girl! The first pizza post I have seen in this weeks challenge and it looks yummy!
My family love pizza and I will have to give your recipe a try.
Good luck for the contest!

😂 thank you mom

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Oh my friend
See delicious something nawww
And you didn't hit me up
You fall my hand ooo

Nice work there, you weren't joking when you said baking is your thing. With time you'll become a master

Ahh sorry

Thank you

You and your sister enjoyed it to the fullest, it looks delicious, and even though you didn't have the cheese, you knew how to solve it! Excellent participation ... Regards!

Yeah. I can't seem to find cheese around where i live

Thank you

Hola @graciella; Bueno eso pasa cuando estamos en proceso de aprendizaje, jaja pero no veo que te limitó de probarla, jaja eso eees!! Saludos.

Gracias. lo haré mejor