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Hello guys my yesterday was quite fun and interesting although we had a petite contract to supply food to members and athletes of one, Ministry of Youth and Sport


The first day which was yesterday , we prepared two types of soup(Afang and white soup) and a spoon dish(white rice with stew, boiled plantain and beans). Today, which is the second day we have cooked another big pot of white soup, melon soup(natively known as "efere ikon"), rice with stew and beans.

I guess these will want to sound simple to some people who haven't cooked for a larger number of people before, but no! It isn't simple. It is quite laborious, most especially when only two hands will be carrying out the task(mom and I) and also when using firewood and tripot as seen below. When cooking with a tripot, use a pot with a tight fitting lid. Though the smoke will just be at the first stage when the fire has been successfully lighted.

It is only beans we prepared here because we know how long it usually takes to get soft. We used a gas cooker to prepare other meals.


This is a type of local gas in which lighting it at first will always be a very big problem but upon succeeding to, it burns like hell.😂 I'll love to share our recipe for WHITE RICE WITH STEW, BOILED PLANTAIN AND BEANS. My mom and I went through a lot of stress to put everything in place, because of the large number of athletes that were already present, so I was unable to capture some important moments, ingredients and steps.


Below are the Ingredients for White Rice, Stew, Plantain and beans

  • Rice
  • Tomatoes (fresh and tin)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Seasoning cubes
  • mixed spices
  • Salt
  • Plantain
  • Beans
  • Palm oil

Permit me to separate the ingredients for the four cooked meals

RiceFresh/tin tomatoRipe plantainBeans
WaterVegetable oilWaterPalm oil
SaltMixed spicesSaltOnions
----Seasoning cubes----Seasoning cubes

Preparing white rice doesn't require much processes as well as boiled plantain there are just few as will be seen below,

  • I parboiled the rice.

  • Boil water and then poured the parboiled rice into it. I made sure the water in it will be enough to soften the rice.

  • After some minutes, I added salt to taste.

  • In thirty minutes or maybe more, the rice was cooked and brought down from fire.

Steps for Boiled Plantain

  • I washed, peeled and sliced the Plantain to the required shape.

  • Before now, I already have my water on the fire which is now boiling.

  • I added salt to taste and then poured in the Plantain and allow to simmer for 7-10 minutes so it won't get too tender.

  • I brought it down and poured into a sieve.
    Here is the picture of the rice and plantain neatly turned into a food pack


Now, for the stew(tomato sauce)

*I made sure all the ingredients are prepared and not far-fetch.

  • I placed my pot on fire and made it dry.
  • I added the desired amount of Vegetable oil that will be enough for the available quantity of tomato paste.
  • Before this I already washed and boiled my fresh tomatoes for easy grinding.
  • I added my sliced onions to the hot oil and the mixture of fresh tomatoes and tin tomato.


  • I cooked till the sourness of the tomato paste disappears.

  • I added my already cooked meat stock(meat water) to the stew. I didn't add ordinary water because it will bring out the sour taste again. Sorry I didn't take shots of these but I used goat meat to prepare the stew.

  • I added my seasoning cubes, pepper and salt to taste.

  • I also introduced a little crayfish/shrimp for the flavour and taste.
  • I added the mixed spices to taste, stir and then allowe to steam more before putting it off the fire.

Steps for the Beans


  • I picked the beans to separate it from the chaff.

  • Washed into a pot, placed on fire and then allow to boil. Immediately this happens, sieve it(same as parboiling rice).

  • Place the pot on fire again, add water, pour the beans inside and cook till it's soft.
    N/B: Beans take a lot of time before it gets soft.

  • When it became very soft, I then added all my ingredients.

  • I added onions, seasoning cubes, salt and pepper to taste.

  • I added crayfish/shrimp to taste .

  • I covered to cook for sometime before introducing the palm oil.

  • I allowed to steam until completely cooked before taking it down.

Here is a photo of myself and the meal

With the current price of Steem, we supplied the food at the rate of 2.5 steem for one plate.

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