The food diary game | season 5 | 5-1-22 | @attiyaasghar | 50% to @sf-chariry

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Hello everyone!
How are you doing? I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I welcome you all to my food diary game of season 5 day 5. Let's begin with it.


My health is not okay these days. I feel so lazy and bored. I woke up too late, didn't feel like doing anything. My mother made me breakfast. She made me maize bread with saag.



At evening, my mother cooked lentils, I didn't ate it. I wasn't feeling hungry. After an hour, my aunt send us vegetable rice. My mother insisted me to try some food, so I could feel better. Then I ate some of it from the plate.



I prepared turmeric milk for myself to feel relaxed. As you know turmeric Is very beneficial for pain relief and has inflammatory properties. It's quite helpful to cure wounds internally.


My brothers came home back from office and brought burgers for us. So I couldn't say no this. Hence I ate it.


This was my all day food activity. Thank you all for reading it.

Kind regards,
Special thanks to @steemitfoods @alikoc07 @suboohi


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Thanks for sharing your quality content at steem foods. You spent a blessed day.

Thank you so much dear ❤️

Hi : @attiyaasghar

Thank you so much for participating in Season 5 of The Food Diary Game Event. The Food Diary Game Quality of your post + You have successfully used the hashtag #club5050. We will support this Food Diary Game post you prepared with one of the @booming accounts. Keep producing content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

#club5050 😀

Thank means a lot 🤗