The Food Diary Game Season 07 :- 05/03/2022 | The Day of delicious mackerel curry | #sf-charity20pc & #club75

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Hi my friends 😍,

First of all I wish you all a happy day. I hope to share with you in this article the food I received on March 5th. So I hope you enjoy it.




For breakfast I ate a viyan roll. We call it kibul bun in our language. It's a delicious bakery product with sugar on the surface. I made my usual tea with it. It can be described as a delicious drink that is able to invigorate my day.



For lunch I prepared lentils, bean curry and mackerel curry with rice. The mackerel curry I prepared was made with onions, greeen chillies and tomatoes. I really like the taste of it.


That day my best food was mackerel curry

Dessert time 🍹


After lunch I made a lime drink. For that I used a type of lime called pot lime. It was brought to me by my friend Gayesha. It is a very tasty vitamin C drink.



At dinner I ate the sweets I had brought from my aunt's house. Among them were kavum, cakes, munkarali and aluwa. I look forward to sharing with you a dining table made up of all of these on April 14th, our New Year's Day.

That's how I got my food that day. I shared with you above my food for Food Diary Game Season 07 March 5th. I conclude this article with the hope of seeing you soon with future articles.

Thank you for giving a time!❤️✨️

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