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Hello Everybody.

I hope that everyone is safe and healthy and enjoy the life with the great working platform of steemit.

Today i am very happy and i take a decision to cook a special recipe Beef kala Vuna

Today i describes about how to make a Beef kala Vuna. It's great pleasure to me to cook Beef kala Vuna. I like very much to cook this recipe.

Beef kala Vuna is a very popular food in our region. There are lot of way to made this special recipe. But i cooked it with my own creativity. How i made this Beef kala Vuna recipe i try to describe in below step by step:


To made this recipe i used lot of ingredients. There are the list in below of ingredients:

Beef2 kg
Ginger paste2 tablespoon
Garlic Paste2 tablespoon
Chili powder2 tablespoon
Turmeric Powder2 tablespoon
Mustard Oil7 tablespoon
salt5 tablespoon
Cumin powder2 tablespoon
soybean oil5 tablespoon
Bay leaves2 pcs
Soy sauce3 tablespoon
Jayatri2 pcs
Dried pepper5 pcs
Sour yogurt3 tablespoon





1st step

At first i cut the meat into medium size and wash it very well. Then i strain the water through a sieve. after that i mixed all the ingredients and put it for 20 minutes.



2nd step:

Then I put the meat pan nicely on the stove and continue to boil it with more fire. It should be noted that there is a no lid on the pan. At first no water can be given. Because water will come out from the inside of the meat and boil the meat.

You have to wait for 20 minutes with more fire and shake it after a while so that the spice does not stick to the bottom of the pan in any way. The taste of this dish depends on stirring the meat more.



3rd step

After a while, water will come out of the meat and slowly start drawing water and the meat will be cooked. Then I will add some extra water inside the cooking because the water that comes out of the meat boils the meat in half.

This time with the water I added, 75% of the meat will be boiled. After watering, I will put the lid on the cooking pan again. And I will increase the level of fire like before.



4th step:

This time I don't have one equal stone and another small stone to powder all the spices. The spices are not crushed nicely. These spices enhance the taste of cooking and give off a nice smell. After crushing the spices, I removed the lid and sprinkled the powdered spices on the meat. Then wait 10 minutes for it to boil.



5th step:

After 10 minutes I remove the lid and shake the meat very well. The meat is now about 75% cooked. Now let's add hot water to boil the meat well. This will boil my whole meat.


6th step:

This time I heat the mustard oil in another pan. Stir in the onion, ginger, dried chilies and garlic for 5 minutes. These spices enhance the taste of cooking. When the spices turn brown, we gently pour all the spices, including oil, over the meat. Then I continue to boil with low heat for 10 minutes.




7th step:

After the meat is cooked I put the pan of meat on the table to serve. The meat smells very nice and looks very good.


8th step:

This time to serve the cooked meat well, I have cut the cucumber, lemon, tomato, green chili and pickle leaves in a plate. A nice serving enhances the taste and flavor of the food manifold.


Final step:

After all the successful and beautiful step by step I was finally able to finish my favorite cooking.


Cooking with care is an act of love.

Thanks For reading.


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Un plato muy exquisito, muy buena tu presentación, me gustó tu forma de explicar la receta, suerte en el concurso