Tales from Summer. Chapter-2

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“Sir. Would you like to eat something?” “You don’t have to pay; would you like to try the Middog?” His face was bright with passion and kindness, almost like Santa with a well-behaved child in his lap.

But Deep wasn’t hungry and he remembered that he was supposed to meet with Aditi on university campus right about now.

“I will have to take a rain check. Please forgive me for now but I will surely come again. And try out the MidDog.” “You have to forgive me for now. I kept someone waiting for long enough.” Dip spoke as politely as he could.

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The vendor seemed a little hurt.

“I should be going now”

“Yeah, okay sir. You can come back again anytime you want. I'll be here 9 to 8 any day of the week.”

“Thank you, brother.”

In all the time he and Aditi are together, the only thing he can’t figure out is what she sees in him. The prettiest girl in school yet he is the one she wants.

University campus is a fifteen minutes’ walk from the fast-food stand. And with adding the past half hour, she must've been waiting for almost an hour now. Whenever he does something like this, she becomes angry as she should be like any other girl, but she never lets it show. She knows it's not easy for him. It never was.

While nearing the cricket playground, he could see her seating on a bench just on the opposite side of the gallery. He was tired and restless from all the walking yet her site drove everything away. He felt like a bird and the tiredness was all gone.

He carefully approached her to see if she was mad or anything and she was. But she was mostly sad. He could feel the aura around her like a bad omen. There was a broken umbrella on her right side. Seeing that, his first thought was maybe the wind broke it. It wasn’t. She took out her anger on it.

Pointing at the umbrella, he asked “What happened?” But there was no response from her.

He asked again “Are you mad at me Diti?” and again, there was nothing.


So, he sat beside her and did what the best thing would be to do, to keep silent. A seemingly long period passes away and he was slowly losing the awareness of his surroundings while the train of thought he jumped on was taking him far away.

A sudden touch broke his chain of thoughts. He looked at her and In her eyes, he saw all that was wrong.

“How much longer, Deep?” “You know I can’t hold off my dad for eternity from marrying me off to some foreigner.” She couldn’t hide the disappointment.

There are these moments in life, these crossroads where a man has to decide his path based on a rational choice rather than the emotions. This was such a moment for him. Where he had to decide if he has to let her go.

“I’m trying Diti, I really am.”

“Then why am I still in my father’s house? You can’t get a job and you’ll not let me have one. Now what?” She stopped to breathe. Then she slowly said it. The last nail in a coffin. “Maybe it would be best for us to take a break Deep.”

It took a while for him to process it. He couldn’t believe that this was it. This was the end of the line. He was loosing the only good thing in his life.

“Maybe.” The only thing he could spit out.

“I'll send you a wedding invitation. I hope you'll not be there.” And then Aditi left, leaving behind the fading smell of her hair.

Deep sat there on the bench for hours. His mom is supposed to go back to their home town on a night bus. His sister is taking her in for an indefinite duration. Her husband is a kind man who was willing to take care of all of them but Deep didn’t agree. His morale stood in the way. But today's interview was his last chance at redemption, if it didn’t pan out then he wouldn’t have anything left but to accept his brother-in-law's invitation. Once again as a burden to someone else.


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