A Small Guide for Your Daily Entertainment Cravings.

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Hello, good peeps of Hive. It's your native, alive and breathing entertainment guide here, to take you on a joy ride of a lifetime and spreading positivity along while we’re at it.


Before the tour starts, let me start by revealing my virtual identity to you. You know, to build trust. You would not be comfortable in a joyride with someone you don’t know would you now? It's your virtual pal FLUFFY, a criminologist/Hardcore movie enthusiast and part-time blogger by heart, all in one.

I mostly write Movie/TV show reviews on the blockchain. But it’s such a niche I rarely find people with my similar interest to interact with. I mean not everybody likes wasting a good five minutes reading about something that does not pique their interest. So this here is your sweet, short and made easy guide about what’s latest, you can catch up to or something worthwhile.

So, what is this about?

Think of this as a therapy session. You know, we all have been suffering less or more due to the recent unfortunate obstacles in our lifestyle created by the monstrous COVID-19. Most of us are either now working from or stuck at home for the time being. So to take your mind off of things, to relax, what is the possible best thing that you can do in this situation? Watch things silly. That’s the best thing, except 420 ‘’wink’’ ‘’wink’’, you can do about how to maintain social distancing and keep yourself anchored at home.

Let's not eat up any more of your time. There will be five movies or TV shows listed below. Made simple and easy to read, without any of the critique gimmicks, just my experience or a short synopsis. Skip if you don’t like the first two lines of any of them. If you find what you like and end up watching it, please let me know in the comments. I love to have a good old fashioned chat about these things.

Numero Uno: WestWorld. (TV Show- HBO)

Credits: Collider.com

Trailer: Westworld S03E07

The hands-down best thing right now on TV is Westworld. What could be better than the combination of a dystopian Sci-fi with action and drama about artificial intelligence taking over the world? Yes, nothing.

Do you know that guy? The creator or director of the previous Batman Trilogy, inception, etc. Christopher Nolan? This show here is created by his brother Jonathan Nolan almost equally brilliant and talented. I mean we all loved Game of Thrones for its VFX and story right? Westworld, to some like me, is even better, Fantasy genre-wise. Season 3 Episode 6 just dropped on Sunday. So you will not have much to catch up to.

Number 2: Rick and Morty. (TV Show- Adult Swim)

Credits: Pinterest


Rick and Morty might be a meme junkie’s choice to have a wet dream about. Filled with sketchy puns and morbid jokes about alien anus or adventure that someone participated in while being completely high on acid. Inspired from Back to the future, it a parody of sorts, but with a good plot.

If you want to laugh at smart and stupid jokes at the same time watching a show which is like a big puzzle of madness, this is your go-to pick.

Number 3:1917(Movie-2019)

Credits: Pinterest

How about a World War 1 Action Drama?

Two young British soldiers, Schofield and Blake, are given a mission to deliver a message to the front line of fellow soldiers. The message is to retreat immediately as the forthcoming assault they are going to do, the enemy knows. So they must deliver it while giving it more priority than their life.

The creator/director Sam Mendes, known mostly for a couple of James Bond movies, made this movie look like it was taken using a single shot. And it's very very visually appealing. Like a close-up portrait Shot in IMAX camera instantly becomes a birds-eye view drone shot. How they pulled this off not only a single time but throughout the whole movie is so exciting.

This is a descriptive review here that I wrote a couple of months ago.

Number 4: The Call of the Wild (Movie-2020)

Harrison Ford still looking good:Medium.com

Want to watch something feel good with your whole family? Choose The Call of the Wild.

This is a story about an unusual dog. Like the kind, you get to see in Disney cartoons, vicious yet cute. Smart yet dumb and slightly humane like. How he was snatched away from his master to work as sleigh dog. But yet later he triumphed. It doesn't even happen in the real world.

The first part is about how the dog gets from point A to B and how he becomes the leader of a pack of dogs.

The second part is how he accompanies “Han Solo XDXD” Harrison Ford and becomes an alpha in a wolf's pack. Sounds absurd right? True. Absurd but emotional and enlightening. The best combination to watch with your family.

Number 5: Castlevania (Anime- Netflix)


Now this here is today's special for anime lovers. Did you know that its season 3 has dropped? Or did you ever hear about it?

Let me educate yall. Castlevania is an anime adaptation from a Game with the same name. About Dracula, Vampires, Night creatures, Vampire hunters, Mages, magic and sex. One of the first experiments of Netflix to see if anime contents were to the likings of its users. And it exploded mostly for its artwork. If you have time on your hand and willingness, go watch it, you will like this.

To read more about the show, click here. This is one of my previous fan-boyish posts about it.

So there you go. My today’s recommendation to add on your watch list. I hope you have a good time. And if you do, please, do not forget to keep your guide, me in your prayers. Thank you for reading so patiently.

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