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There is just so much that is still not clear to so many people, including me, but especially to those who are not too active on many different discord servers. There are so many wise people with vast knowledge and understanding of the development aspect of the blockchain that, if you're not talking to these people, picking up from their knowledge, you're missing out on free information.

I am just a doctor with zero developer knowledge, but I try to talk to different people and get a better understanding of things happening around us and then I bring you the Ridiculously Simple series!

Too much introduction is never a good thing. Let's get to the point. I'll straight forward address most frequently asked questions from different users I've come across and I myself have faced.

1 - Front Ends

On the STEEM blockchains two of the most widely used frontends were and

On the hive blockchain :

  • is the replacement of
  • is the equivalent of

2 - Where's My Hive Wallet?

  • On the front end : Not yet ready
  • On the front end : Ready and you can access it from here. You can transfer funds and claim post payouts from the frontend.

3 - What the hell are all these login options?

  • Hivesigner : Equivalent of steemconnect
  • Peaklock : New feature available on I have not used these two to login on
  • Hive Keychain : Equivalent of Steem Keychain.

4 - Logging in to

Note that the Hive Keychain option is still not available for this front end. It still prompts to steem keychain. So I chose not to sign in using steem keychain. Instead sign in directly using one of your keys, preferably posting keys and not the active one.

5 - Logging in to

I used Hive Keychain. For those of you who used steem keychain before, you automatically know why one would choose this option over any of the other options! It is just too convenient! Those of you who have never used keychain before, I strongly suggest you to use this option to sign in to and the front end as well when it is available.

6 - What is Keychain?

Both Steem Keychain and Hive Keychain are browser extensions currently available for Mozilla FF and Google Chrome. And yet there's a way to use the extension for chrome on Opera. Not a lot of people use opera so not gonna talk about that. If you do need help using it on opera let me know in the comments or discord and I'll tell you how to do it. It's very simple.

7 - Okay so I understand How to install the extension for Steem Keychain, but I can't find/understand how to install the one for Hive Keychain.

Yes, that's because the Hive Keychain extension is still not released on the Chrome webstore or it's FF equivalent store. But you can still get it from Here.

Here's @themarkymark's guide on How To Install the Hive Keychain.

To sum up the guide :

  • Download the correct zip file
  • Unzip/extract
  • Go to extensions from your browser and turn on developer mode
  • Then Load the unzipped/extracted FOLDER. Yes, the whole folder. Just select the folder that will get extracted once you unzip/extract.

After you have successfully incorporated the keychain, you have to import your account. Click on the keychain icon :


Enter your username and one of your keys, preferably your posting key. Then you will be asked to create a password. Now this password is the password you will be using from here on and you won't have to be using your keys anymore in the future for any transactions.

Once you have set up your HiveKeycin, go to and click login. Then choose to login with HiveKeychain and you will only need your username and the password you just created. And bingo you're in!

8 - I have both SteemKeychain and HiveKeychain extensions

Some people will still continue to use steempeak and will also need to be on the steem blockchain for some of the games they play or dApps they use which haven't shifted to HIVE blockchain.

For them, go to extensions, find steemkeychain and click details.


Go to details and find Site access and choose on specific sites.


Simply add the sites you want steem keychain to have access to and on the rest of the sites, HiveKeychain will be the default.

P.S. : Have some patience and give the developers a few days to stabilize everything and we'll be up and running in no time!

image by @derangedvisions

Alright then, I guess I have addressed most of the most frequently asked questions so far. Will update more as we keep gathering more information.


You can also find this post on the HIVE Blockchain

Until Next Time!


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All right. Thank you for the update.
I am unable to make a post for days now. Whenever I write my post and click the post button to publish, it just doesn't publish. What could be the reason?

Could be node issues on the steem blockchain. A lot of the real witnesses, who were actually maintaining the functionality of this chain has disabled their nodes and now sock puppet witnesses are running the steem blockchain mostly. Try using steempeak, has worked good enough for me.

Yeah, I'm now using peakd. Thank you for the suggestion.

Thanks for the directions. I managed to log into the Hive. A lot has happened since I was here last :)

Thank you for the much needed and handy "Sparknotes!" @simplifylife

Upv & Rsd!💯

You're welcome! See you on HIVE :D

thanks brutha! great guide..


Nice work! Thanks!

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