Steem is the biggest gainer with 115% gain

in hive-148441 •  3 years ago 

So apparently there are now lot of eyes on hive and looks like the entire crypt community is now suddenly interested


Hello hiveians,

This morning, I thought, I would buy some steem to get more hive tokens, but looks like the market has pumped like anything for steem. Right now its on the top with 115% gain as of writing this post. That indicates, a lot of people are interested to buy steem to get into the hive. And there is definitely a risk with this : people will dump as soon as the fork is done. So the price may crash after the fork.

And if all that is not sufficient, SBD is nowhere down as well, though with lesser gain with a 22% gain. While its still not clear, how you would covert your HBD to HIVE ,people are still giving it a try.

This proves, that hive is definitely creating a lot of buzz. For those, who have steem, this may also be a good opportunity to sell steem and buy hive later.

What is your strategy ? Are you ready ? Are you buying ? Selling ?

Interestingly I see some trading happening in wazirxas well, but beware, you cannot withdraw steem from there. Its still in rapid listing. So all you can do is sell, and I don't think, its a good option to buy on wazirx.

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I wanna buy more steem. But currently it seems very difficult at this price level. p2ps such as instashift that used to support steem withdrawal have now removed that option! We will end up paying much more per steem than reasonable.

Its now up by 200% 🤓 better buy something else

Yeah... 😕 But surely I will sell all my liquid steems immediately after the launch of hive.

Unfortunately I do not have much in liquid. Question is if it's so much for hive, then what would be the price of hive after launch ?

It will all start with 1 steem= 1 hive. Same holds true for USD and BTC pairs of hive. We have just few more hours left for taking any critical decision!

And surely price of hive will be more than steem as more People will try to buy it more.

I know it will be 1 steem = 1 hive, but will 1 hive trade at the end price that steem is going to have before the fork ? Only time will tell.

That's for real. Only time will tell us what it has in store.

For now, I'm staying neutral until the hardfork is done. Steem is pumping so fast which is too risky to take part into.

Actually I am thinking, its a good idea to buy now and sell just before the fork 😀

Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

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Yes this is great. Too much of excitement is going around. The price is pumping as many exchanges already confirmed that they will be listing and supporting Hive as well.

Buying and selling it before the fork can be a good idea. I'm also thinking of converting all my other crypto holdings to Steem just to get the drop but I have to be extra careful in flipping them back to the other currencies at the right time. Definitely there will be a mega dumping happening.

I guess it is also not a bad idea to buy SBD because they're will definitely be an internal market on Hive to convert HBD to Hive. Because, Hive Blockchain is an exact copy of Steem during the launch.

Sold some steem will buy both hive and steem again after fork

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