Creative Cat: Having More Fun With Cats and Artsy Photo Effects! (Club100)

in hive-148441 •  4 months ago 

Welcome to my first post of 2022!

Going back to the theme of creativity, and turning to one of my favorite themes: Working with art effects on photos.

Today, we worked with a plain photo of me, and came up with this:


Quite like the whole impressionistic/cubist action, here!

Then we tried a slight more fanciful and "romantic" look:


There's a nice subtle dreaminess to that one.

We did a couple of others, but they were on the ugly side... I really don't look very good as a mustard yellow cat!

Here's the original photo, for reference:


It's really very interesting what you can create, with some phot filters and manipulation!

Thanks for having a look at my page!

P.S.: I'm just starting on this year, but I promise to convert my liquid rewards to Steem and power up 100%!


January 20th, 2022

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