Losing A Real Driving Seat Over An Online Game

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Online racing that is being televised to fill the void left by no racing.

Over the weekend a real driver lost his seat with the Audi formula E Racing team for allowing someone else to impersonate him in an "official" online race. According to Daniel Abt this was a joke that turned out horribly wrong.He swapped places with a pro gamer who managed to come in third place overall. Who really cares as it is not real and just goes to show what a joke this whole set up is.

Someone is taking this way too seriously as this is just a stop gap until the season gets underway for real and not behind a computer screen. I understand Daniel has obligations to fill being an Audi driver, but if Lewis Hamilton did it people would laugh. Would a team fire him for this and the answer would be "NO".

What I find funny is Audi was congratulating him on their first podium on Twitter and yet it wasn't Daniel. During the race Daniel had something blocking his head so others wouldn't see it wasn't him. Daniel announced it on Twitch before the race that he wasn't racing and someone would be filling in for him.

I think this just goes to show that anyone can do this as how many other gamers could do what this other guy did. There must be hundreds out there and qualifying should be open to everyone and not just the drivers who race the real circuits. I mentioned this before as I find it really crappy and unprofessional how the whole thing has been put together.

The commentators and presenters who are the same people have as much personality as a paint brush. They are trying too hard and dreaming of making it into the real world. I have bad news for them as they have no chance unless someone impersonates them.

No money exchanged hands for the swap and there was no betting as it was just down to a practical joke. Daniel donated his winnings to charity so where is the harm in this? If Daniel is any good at his day job then it shouldn't come into question over a computer game. Maybe he showed them up for what this is and they don't like the truth. This is just a cheap filler for the television channels to air something.

It is amazing that the top drivers have not come anywhere near the online races as they know it is a joke and is meaningless. There have only been 3 or 4 of the Formula One drivers taking part and I would suggest that is to try and build their fan base. You wont see Hamilton,Vettel or Riccardo taking part in the contest as there is no real point as you can only make your name mud I suppose. Verstappen has done a few, but in all types of racing of various cars as he doesn't take it seriously either and is doing it for fun only.

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