Hot Property Up For Grabs

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Hamilton won't move from Mercedes and who knows he could join Hamilton next season at Ferrari. What a team that would be. People say you can't buy experience and that is not quite true as now you can.

It is funny how things work as two days ago I wrote about Vettel leaving Ferrari and being available for another team to capitalise on his experience. Any mid table team would be mad not to take this opportunity right now. There is rumors that Riccardo is not happy at Renault as well so we could see some drivers moving around. This will all happen at the end of this short season I presume unless Vettel walks now. The season hasn't started and a short season could benefit a move right now. Teams would benefit by having him around prior to next season and they could use this season as a testing period.


Last year there was a slight rumor that Posrche were considering entering Formula One as well and this would be a prime opportunity right now with the reduced cap on teams budgets. A driver with Vettels experience doesn't come around every day and with him looking for a seat he will be hot property. Remember he is a serial winner having one the title on 4 occasion and been a runner up another 3 times.

Renault are like Williams and McLaren in many aspects as they all have quite a bit to do in order to challenge for honors. No one quite knows where they are as they haven't raced the "new" car yet. A possible scenario is Sainz moves to Ferrari leaving Riccardo a spot at McLaren (Mercedes engine next season)and Vettel moving to Renault. If I was Riccardo I would be smiling as now is the time to get into a Mclaren seat. If this plays out it will show you how much of a spent force Williams really are and they will feature nowhere over the coming seasons.

What Ferrari has done is stick all their eggs in one basket on LeClerc by forcing Vettel out. I agree their future is with LeClerc, but definitely not right now.He is not in the same league as Vettel and the team has been favoring LeClerc frustrating Vettel for much of last season. The tactics the team used went against Vettel in a number of races so the writing was already on the wall. Vettel should have been aware and moved this season already as he was being pushed out.

Next season will see a flood of new drivers entering the market as the Super Licence with it's new point system from other racing series comes into effect. This could be effected however as it all depends on how much racing happens this season and if anyone can qualify or not. There is not much happening on the track at the moment and with one top driver leaving one team it creates opportunities for teams to adjust their own set ups. The importance of having an experienced proven winner in a Vettel cannot be under estimated. Vettel wont retire as he will want another world title to make it 5 and he just has too much to offer.

If I was a team principal right now I would have my feelers out seeing how I could land him as he could speed up the development of the car. His knowledge and input could save a team a good 2 or 3 seasons of battling trying to get the set up of the car correct. It only took Schumacher 2 seasons at Mercedes to get the magic formula in place which Hamilton has made successful and his own ever since. Surely Williams have to bite and show they still have it.

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