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Today is the first day that we have a bit more freedom. Not everything is back to normal however and this will take some time. I am still in desperate need of a haircut and I am hoping my Syrian friends open their barber shop sooner than later. Amazing how one nationality has cornered the market in hair cuts.

My son managed to get hold of some cigarettes which he has been craving for lately and I burst out laughing when I saw what he had ordered. I have heard of Marlboro as I used to work for them, but never have I heard of Malimbo. Talk about a knock off and very similar in the type of packaging. These are illegal black market cigarettes that apparently have come from Egypt. I doubt it as most likely being made in some garage locally. The illicit trade is doing more harm than good but the government is to blame for it's rise.

When you are making x amount on duties for something legal you don't jeopardise that as give the smokers 3 months of buying something else and when everything goes back to normal the smokers will stick with the black market as by then it will be cheaper. I just think this is the dumbest thing i have seen in years ans knowingly being done on purpose. The one minister is related as her step son is known as a cigarette smuggler owning Amalgamated Tobacco. He owes fortunes in unpaid excise duties and being a Zuma will never pay them either. How convenient his step mom is fighting his cause right now. Owing on excise duty makes no sense to me as if it wasn't paid upfront why was he allowed to even carry on.

In the days I was involved with this there was a line in the warehouse where an in house customs official sat. Once stock crossed the line duty had to be paid immediately even if the stock hadn't been sold yet. The same happens when stock arrives in the country once it is imported. Payment is paid before stock is removed so how can someone owe any money unless someone hasn't done their job.


Bottle stores opened this morning for the first time and all the desperates were queuing from 4 am this morning. I don't get it really as what is the rush? If it opens at 9 am and closes at midday then go tomorrow as what is another day?

I think if you are in a queue to buy alcohol today then you may have a drinking problem.I just don't get it and probably never will. Obviously people are not as poor as thy say they are and have managed to stash the cash for this very day.

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