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I watched the season finale of Blacklist last night and was a little disappointed to say the least. I knew I was up to date but didn't realise how up to date as Covid-19 halted their filming production. This was the last episode that it effected and to be honest they should have just waited.


I personally think the producers tried to get to clever by mix and matching scenes they had and hadn't shot by filling in with cartoon characters. What they had done was of a high standard but honestly it ruined the episode. I wouldn't have watched it had I known. If an actor dies or something that can't be fixed then fair enough but why was this so important to air right now. The fans who watch the program would have understood.


I am not a huge fan of animation as you can probably gather and believe they chose the easy way out. Probably the animation wasn't so easy, but you know what I am trying to say. The animation was cheap and nasty looking what you would have found in a Play station 2 game 10 years ago. as the one Director said "they rolled the dice" and gambled on the outcome.


I suppose it depends on the generation of fan base that watches the series and anyone over 50 will most likely hate it. I had no idea their is a Blacklist comic book in publication and the reason why they went this route. It did look comic booky and cheap and I for one wished they had never rolled the dice.

Some of the animation drawings are not even close and can only guess by the hair color.

Brian Dennehy died the other day had less of an impact as he has been in a coma in the series for ages. His scenes are easy as nothing ever happens sadly. As an experiment and a gamble I think it failed miserably and hope no one else gives it a go thinking it is a good idea. Could you imagine Game of Thrones doing this for a season finale.

I am not sure why they used such drastic measures to try and finish the season .Maybe the production house only gets paid per season and not knowing how long the lock down will be thought it was wise. The only thing I found interesting where the animation was used was on certain scenes that jumped around during the final screening. It showed how the producers shot the various scenes out of sequence and then pieced together afterwards. I give them a 10/10 for trying and a 3/10 for execution.

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