Controlling The Controllables

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I think especially now when our world has been turned upside down it is best to take a step back and relax. Why worry about things you can't control as all it will do is stress you out even more. One has to look for the positives in times of gloom and doom as it is hard enough under normal circumstances. when I have time on my hands I tend to overthink things which can make things worse.

In the first week of lock down I was hoping for a happier ending with restrictions being lifted and not extended. Things can go in many directions but everyone is in the same boat and we have to deal with what is current. The simple answer is to do what you can do and forget about the rest. That part of life is on hold right now and as much as it sucks what can we do.

Business wise I am frustrated like hell, but honestly there is not much business happening out there. The customers and clients I have spoken to are operating on skeleton staff and are only just ticking over. In reality I am missing out on very little and all I can do is be there if they need me. I have the philosophy take what you can and just be grateful for whatever comes your way.

I think over the first 3 weeks I wasn't as proactive as I could have been as my brain was saying other companies were still operating and I was missing out. Knowing this isn't true I have focused on how to improve my current situation so I haven't wasted this time. If you stand still you are going backwards as others are still moving forwards even though very slowly.

I am involved in manufacturing so sales is a must otherwise there is no paycheck at the end of the month. What is happening in the market place is not pretty and very few sales are going through so lean times ahead for the time being anyway. There is nothing I can do to change what I have so why get down in the dumps.

Positive me kicked in a couple of weeks ago and decided to change at least something. We all can if we look at things and think differently. I have been following up on customers I didn't land in the beginning of the year to have a catch up with them. Firstly these people have time to chat these days and I think appreciate the call. Not everyone is going to change their mind about you or your products, but some might.

Going into lock down and coming out with something extra you didn't have before is a win in anyone's book. Companies during a recession expand with the aim of coming out the other side bigger and better. I have been trying the same thought process into my business by growing the client base and if after 6 or 7 weeks I have 3 or 10 extra clients than before it is not a bad result. I think anything can be overcome if you look at the situation first and get your head around the problem facing you.

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