Digital bird collage [ENG-FR]

in hive-148441 •  2 years ago 
here is the little bird illustration I digitally created recentlyvoici la petite illustration d'oiseau créé numériquement récemment
that is a mix of paintings, collages and texturesc'est un un mélange de peintures, collages et textures 😊



made using my Artrage painting software, and my Wacom Cintiq tabletréalisé à l'aide de mon logiciel de peinture Artrage, et ma tablette Wacom Cintiq



I wish you a beautiful afternoon Lovelies !Je vous souhaite une belle journée les amis !



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As children in school that was most exciting thing to create collage, because it was allowed any color, any texture just use the fantasy and you know how the children are they like to be free and make such nonsense.

I hope you are doing well and having nice time with sunny weather, we were lucky today, blue sky and sun the whole day long. I feel myself like in the middle of summer, we have a good walk and some suntan too. Wishing you nice weekend :)