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By: @thermoplastic


it is a digital adaption from a WIP I am working on these past few days.


💪 How to Heal Fibromyalgia - Enmy Photo Session 📷 | 💪 Cómo Sanar la Fibromialgia - Sesión Fotográfica a Enmy 📷

By: @danielvehe


Greetings, Steemians. I've been uploading the video of the interview with @enmy to 3speak for days and my internet won't let me. That's why I decided to bring you the post and put the Youtube video on it.


from pair of griffons to pu-er

By: @qwerrie


These six images are pretty different, can you guess what's the connection between all of them? Its my submission to @qurator 's Monday Missions


Why I Am Still Here

By: @marinmex


To answer the question why am I still on steemit, it is important to first remember why I started. I tell you that when I knew about the existence of this platform


RialDoni & Band Live at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh - Bank Aceh Syari'a Event, Februari 2020

By: @kemal13


One of the events on the night of the awarding and announcement of the winners of building design PT. Bank Aceh Syari'a, Tbk at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh.


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