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Hello guys, I'm so delighted to be here once again participating in the weekly contest organized by this very community on the topic my favorite sport. Indeed everyone one has his or her favorite sport and I'm not exception from that and today i will be telling the world about my favorite sport which is volleyball. But before then i want to sincerely appreciate all the admin of this very community for there job well done towards this weekly contest.


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Volleyball sport is a game usually played by two teams and it consists of six players from each team. The players do play the game using their hands in other to bat a ball back and forth over a high net just to make sure that the ball touches the Court of their opponents playing area. But for the opponents team to prevent the players from the other team they have to bat the ball up and it should be towards their team mate before the ball should touch the Court surface then the teammates will easily volley the ball back across the net.

When playing the game each team are allowed to touch the ball three times before it should be returned over the net.

Write a brief history of your favorite sports/game

According to history, the volleyball sport was invented in the year 1895 by the physical director of young men's Christian associated Holyoke.(William G. Morgan). The game was actually design as an indoor sport for just business. William G. Morgan called the sports (mintonette) later after a professor from the spring Field colleges noted the nature of the game and gave it another name which is volleyball.

What are those attractions behind your choice of this sport/game.


One of the things that attract me most about the volleyball game is how the game is being played, it's actually requires much energy but it is the greatest stress reliever. When playing the game one need to jump and land for an average of 300 times. I always enjoy it when ever i play the game.

Another thing is that when playing the volleyball game it's very hard for the players to get injured because the game is a non-contact sport unlike basketball, hockey e.t.c

One of the uniqueness of volleyball game is serving, so everyone will serve the ball one after another, as such no body will be left out without participating in the game.

Volleyball teachers team work and communication, the two are the most important part of the game because without effectively communication and team work the players will not play the game well. It is always said that when one involved himself in playing volleyball the teammate are likely to become his second family and that's because of the effective communication and understanding among the players.

Do you think there are other better ways of improving on your favorite sport or games to give it an international lift or more acceptability?

While for now i can't figure out if there are any improvement which need to be done for the game to give it an international lift because, the game is so perfect and it's known worldwide. So the only improvement that is needed is for the players to work on Their self by improving physical fitness, consistency and most especially practicing serving which is the most important aspect of the game.

Why do you prefer this game to other games or sports?


There are thousands of reasons why I live playing volleyball among which:

  • volleyball improved mental health also it builds and tones muscle
  • In Volleyball there is no any setup so for that,the game makes me feel comfortable
  • Volleyball helps me to to learn how deal with losing and also how to compete with others.
  • It increases aerobics activity
  • It's strengthen the upper body, arm's, abdominal, lower legs and shoulders.
  • Playing volleyball will enable you to make many friends
  • Volleyball allows you to express your anger without hurting anybody.


In conclusion, Volleyball is my favorite sport and anytime i play the game it's makes me feel strong. It is just the best. I invite @olabillions @josepha and @ijebest to come and participate in this contest.

Thank you....

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There is a lot I've learnt from your work. I've always loved team sports but have never thought of volley ball, maybe I will give it a try.



Give it a try and thank me later sir 😁 because the game is very interesting. Thank you reading through my work.
Best regards 🤗

Thanks for your invitation
Good to know that volleyball is it your fav, as sport wise, as I am, I know nothing about volley ball😁

Best of luck

Eyaaa, volleyball is very interesting, just give it a try and you will enjoy it. Anyway I know you love football 😁 hope I'm correct 😉

😁 are you me?
Is u I?
How do you know I love football,
Yes ooo
It's soccer oo, you guessed right

🤣🤣🤣 no sir, me is no you. but the reason I said that is because most guys love soccer and you are not exception from that😁

I can't wait to read your entry about soccer shaaa🤗

This Is true tho, I have a friend he knows nothing about soccer and I use she for him..

He get mad thou but I don care .😁

🤣🤣🤣 I can imagine his reaction when you used she for him because guys don't like that at all🤣

But you self you went too far na😁🤣

Thanks very much for the invite, I will check on it and participate. You look good in sports

Alright ma'am, thank you🤗

Woow you enjoyed alot while playing Volleyball but swimming is my favourite sport

Yes I do. Thank you for passing by sir, I appreciate.

You welcome

Thank you so much for invitine am grateful. Honestly volleyball is a very interesting game to I love watch and I am glad that you're a good player. Best of lu 👌 to you.

Thank you for your kind words my dear, I'm glad that you love Volleyball too. Hoping to read your entry though 😁

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