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There is a popular quote that says that no man is an island. I believe that this particular quote was birthed after a philosophical thinking. There is nothing we can do alone. People have been known to go crazy when they are kept under solitary confinement. Let's bring it down a little bit. Although we try not to show it, we all actually hate the feeling that is associated with being abandoned or left alone. This is why it's important we learn to value people around us, because if they are not around us, we are incomplete.


Valuing people have a lot of advantages. When we are the kind that value people, we observe how easy it is to attract people to our lives. Valuing people don't only attract them, it retains them too. Everyone love being in a place where they are valued. When you don't value people, you will observe how they will feel like running away from you.

But valuing someone should not be a one way thing. It's something that should proceed from both parties. When to persons who are in a relationship, be it cordial or intimate, the relationship tends to go smoothly when both parties value each other. It's when you value someone that you will value their opinion, the things they own, etc.

In this post, I will be sharing with us some tips on value people:

1. Be less critic about people's actions:

No one is perfect. While we carry out our activities, we will experience at some points successes while at other times, we will fail. But when we keep focusing on people's short falls or failure, we will not recognize how valuable they truly are. Learn to focus more on people's strength. Don't be in the habit of looking out for flaws and magnifying them.

I know we have been with someone whom, no matter what we do, they must pick out one thing to fault. They criticize every single step we or some takes. You will agree with me that it's very uncomfortable to stay around people like that. It's easy to conclude that people who behave in this manner do not value us. Since we won't like someone treating us that way, we should learn how to value people so that we can be valued in returned.

2. Learn how to acknowledge people and their input:-

People love when they are appreciated or whenever their efforts are recognized. One of the ways of showing people that you value them is by recognizing their effort. Most times the help that we receive from people is unmerited and purely by privilege, we should learn how to acknowledge people's input.

I'm sure we have some people in our lives who no matter how much thing we do for them, they still consider it as a small thing, next time this same person asks for your help, you will be reluctant to help the person. But had it been that the person you helped showed you much appreciation, you will be willing to help him next time.


3. Be Humble:

Sometimes we feel as if we are worth more than others because of some few things we have achieved in life or the position we occupy. Apart from the fact that no one likes to associate themselves with someone who is pompous, as it's very uncomfortable being around pompous people, you won't be able to learn anything from those around you. Remember that no one is a fountain of knowledge, no matter how dumb you may feel someone else is, there is something they person knows that you don't. Relationships are built while people learn, and definitely, anyone you learn from you value them.

Thank You.

Read, Ponder, Love.
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