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A lot of persons have one time or the other been victims of wrong investment. These wrong investment result to them losing their finances. There are a lot of reasons why people fall victim of wrong investment, of which the major reason is greed. Due to the promise of earning a tempting amount in profit they ignore every warning sign that would have restricted them from going ahead with the investment. These signs are always there.


In this post, I will be sharing with us some of the signs that points out investments that are potentially bad, so that if you notice any of these signs in any business you intend on going into, you should quickly abstain from it.

1. Never go into an investment that you can't explain in simple terms:

The first sign you should check out for is how easy it is to explain the investment to someone. Most of the wrong investment (with the aim of taking away people's hard earned money) are designed to be complex and complicated when you try to explain it to someone in a simple terms. I remember one of the scams that ate people's money in my country this year. They claimed to be a betting company, but unlike the normal sports betting companies, where you lose money when the game goes against you, or the team you said will win loses, this particular particular betting site was doing the opposite. If you predict a 3:0 and the match ends on anything aside from 3:0, you have won. But if the match ends in 3:0 as you predicted you have lost.

This sounds confusing right? It really is. When asked on what principle it runs, the owners claimed it's a type of betting called reverse betting and that means you are on the side of the company. I can't explain it better than this as it really doesn't make any sense, but a lot of persons still went ahead and invested their money. A lot of persons lost money in this wrong investment.

A wise person wouldn't have gone into the business, because he will observe that can't explain the mechanics of the investment as well as how the company earns the money they pay the winners since everyone wins with them. Once you notice a business with this characteristic, run from it.

2. When the investment promises an amazing return even without much effort from your end:

It's important that we realize that the profit we earn is most times a measure of the amount of effort that we put into a thing. If for any reason the amount an investment promises is not even close to the amount of effort that we are required to invest in a thing, we really need to be careful about that business.

We all remember the MMM Ponzi scheme. I still remember how some of my friends praised Marvordi as one of the smartest people on Earth for coming up with a system that allows people to earn 30% income without putting any effort. Okay let's say you personally is not putting an effort, if the business doesn't involving someone putting an effort, where does the 30% profit everyone recieves comes from?

Anytime you come across an investment that promises a lot of profit and the profit doesn't in any way match to the amount of effort you, or someone else will put into the investment, it is a clear sign that you should run away from it.

3. Lack of transparency:

When you notice a business investment that those managing it are not being transparent about the business, it is a clear sign that that investment is not a genuine one. This kind of behavior is often seen in multi-layer investments that involves selling supplements or cosmetics products.


Although the products used may be genuine the way some of these marketing companies run it is scam. Most of these businesses have no name, no sign post, they keep telling their team members to just follow them sheepishly. Infact, they manipulate their followers.

Any investment that you notice that there is no communication, neither are they transparent whenever they are questioned, please stay away from them. It is good to invest, but that doesn't mean you should be in a hurry to do so. Make proper research of the investment before you carry it out. It's best to have your money saved than to lose it in a wrong investment.

Thank You.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable tips about successful investment with us here. No one will fall a victim of being scam if he or she takes note of this. Continue to be active we appreciate your effort 💕

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