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In the last post, we began by pointing out that every area of our life is characterised by leadership. We established a fact that at least once in our lives, we have found ourselves occupying a leadership role. This role doesn't have to be too big to be considered a leadership position.


In this post, I will be educating us on more of the qualities expected of you as a leader.

1. Being flexible at all times:

Although as a leader it is expected that you should be able to make decisions and stick to it; that doesn't mean you should be rigid or inflexible. As a leader should be able to evolve, be dynamic with your methods. Don't be a person who sticks only to a line of thought. A leader should be able to welcome new ideas and apply them where it's needed. History has shown us that any leadership that is not flexible has faced strong repercussions with time.

Take for instance what happened to Nokia. Nokia, a big telephone giant at that time got a proposal to manufacture a phone that runs on the Android operating system. Their leadership board rejected the proposal. This is because taking up the Android proposal was more like going out from their norm. Due to their lack of flexibility, other companies took up the Android phone proposal and today, they are making maximum sales. We all saw when Nokia joined the Android market. Till today, they are still struggling in the Android market.

2. Humility:

A good leader is humble. What comes to a lot of person's mind when the word humility comes to play is belittling oneself. Or lacking courage. These definitions are actually wrong. Being humble means that you are teachable.


Good leaders are not egocentric. It takes the ability to think of someone else and how your actions will make them feel for a person to really be humble. And easier to relate with your followers. Every leader who is not humble or is too egocentric will always find it hard to have loyal followers.

Thank You.

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