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Steem engagement challenge season 2 week 2

Good day everyone and welcome to another day on my blog, I am extremely happy to be writing this post has it offers me the unique opportunity to showcase my country in the positive light, I really hope all who read these enjoy.


Question 1

Open a brief introduction that tells us about your Country.

A brief introduction about my country

nigeria-1758969_1280 (2).png


The name of my country is Nigeria and it is located in the western part of Africa, it shares border with Ghana, Cameron, Niger and being Republic.

Nigeria is a multi-lingua country which means they exist so many Languages in the country due to this the government established English as an official language during the colonial rule to help in the governance of the country.

As they are so many languages they are also so many ethic groups in the country, they are three main ethinc group in Nigeria which are Hausa Youruba and Igbo.

The Igbos are located in the south east part of the country , the Youruba are located in the south south of the country while the Hausa inhibit the majority of the northern part of the county.

In addition to being blessed with such a diversed group of people and culture Nigeria boost of rich natural resource such as oil and gas, gold, coal, yam and so many more due to this around 1960 when Nigeria got her independence from the United Kingdom Nigerian was known as the faint of Africa.

They are three main climate condition in the country which are rainy, dry and hamattarn. The best time for. All those wish to visit the country would be the dry season as you would be sure to enjoy Nigeria in all her glories..


Question 2

What are the great things that interest you about your country?

Like is said earlier my country is a place like no other they are so many things that interest in my country such as.

The food



Having had the privilege of eating Various delicacies from various part of the world I can say confidently that I am yet to meet a dish that can rival the Nigerian jellof rice.

The food in Nigeria is is so palatable that we often hear of Nigerians in distant part of the world wishing they were back home if not for anything but so they could have one more taste of Nigerian delicacies.

Nigerian dish is tasty and spicy that it is almost a crime for being too good.

Natural environment



The natural environment of Nigeria is so prestine and unique , there is a clear demarcation between the people's way of life and the natural environment.

We in Nigeria have learnt to love and cherish our natural environment.

We have a wide range of natural elements such as rivers, stream, forest, widelife, and so many more within the country.




If not that Nigeria is a developing country and they aren't proper measures of wealth in my country I can assure you that Nigerian is home to some of the richest men in the world.

Nigeria's are Soo gifted in the act of doing business that what ever we do always prosper and we tend to make a lot of Money from doing it.



The hardworking nature of Nigerians is something to marvel at, the average Nigerian works 5 time as hard as those in developing countries and yet received 10 times less pay.

We face various adversity in our country such as crippling education sector, destabilied electricity sector, de-humanized police and various more all working against Nigerians but admist all this we always come out on top

It is that hardworking nature that makes Nigerians very special.

The weather


During the rainy season in Nigeria the weather gets Soo cold and enjoy you almost want to curly up in bed all day and do nothing.

This weather is popularly called weather for two as it is Soo cozy and gives a sensational experience


Question 3

Which of the things mentioned above do you prefer your country for, over other countries?

The food


As someone who really loves spicy food I don't think I would be able to enjoy any other food as far as it is not Nigerian food.

In my quest to explore different food I tried so many good such as the Ghanaian jellof rice but I was really disappointed as it was not what I had come to expect form jellof rice.

In addition to jellof rice they are also so many good in Nigeria which I won't be able to see elsewhere , and though I may see them they would never be the same standard as those you can get in Nigeria.

Natural habitat


I so much enjoy the natural habitat of Nigeria as it is adequately districted it is not too scanty such as they are no life animals and it is not too much such as they are too many animals and one won't feel safe a home.

In Nigeria vthey are various widelife reserves in which animals habbit peaceful and the people of Nigeria do not go encroaching on this lands which are left for animals and in the same way we do not hear stories of elephants killing people in Thier homes.


Question 4

No Place like home: If you eventually leave your country in search of greener pastures, would you be willing to come back because of your response in (3)


Yess I will be willing to come back to my country because of the following

Friends and family


The majority of my friends and family are all in Nigeria and nothing vis better than being around loved onces they complete you and make your time on earth more memorable.

Without family and friends around you might have all the money elsewhere but deep down something would always be missing.



It's sad to say that they still exist a high level of racism for Africans and my African pride will not allow me to remain in a country for longer than I have to do and be subject to racist.

As at 2020 during the killing of George Floyd (may his souls rest in peace) we say how the police and store attendant racialy profiler geroge to be a dangerous man's due to the fact that he was black and this led to his eventual death.



In as much as I might be successful elsewhere I would always like to use my success to see how I can make things better in my home country, yes living a toxic environment is always good but we have to fix that toxic environment for those who would come after us

If everyone where to live the country things would never get better


Thank you all for reading my post i really hope all those who have read this have gained one or two useful knowledge from this post and would maybe one day visit my country.

I invite @kawsar @mato445 and @solexybaba to participate in this contest

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You have told us about your country Nigeria through this post. Another good thing is that you will never leave your country. Because you have a family in the country. You also mentioned a few more reasons not to leave the country

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Vaya amigo, me gustó mucho leer sobre tu país Nigeria, se nota que lo más mucho, es un país que tiene mucho potencial. Ojalá pronto puedan tener mejores sueldos, una mejor educación y un mejor gobierno, que lleve a su país a la gloria.

Lastimosamente el racismo es un gran problema, ojalá todos aprendemos que somos iguales, no debe existir el racismo, todos somos humanos.

Saludos y bendiciones, ojalá pronto pueda conocer tu país, tengo ganas de viajar algún día a Nigeria😃👋🏻

I agree with you that Nigerians are very hard-working, and out food are actually the best around the globe. Thanks for sharing and Goodluck in this contest.


The hardworking nature of Nigerians is something to marvel at, the average Nigerian works 5 time as hard as those in developing countries and yet received 10 times less pay.

I agree with you that Nigerians are very hard working but I am sorry that they are paid very low which is a very bad thing but I hope your Government will take an action on it in the coming days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your country with.

At the end, I request you please visit my post also.


Hey 👋 bro @victoh78

I found interest along the way while reading and going through your post and I realized you are from Nigeria and you have given a great introduction about your In a simple and understanding way

Thanks for telling us some of the interesting things about Nigeria, I see you guys have alot of interesting things. I most recommend that Nigeria is a country many people admire and I'm one of those who admire your country. What I admire most in your post is the natural environment, weather condition, it's richness and it's type of dishes. This makes Nigeria look very great and attractive

Thanks for this great post... Wishing you the best in this contest

I can see that your country is feel with wonderful people great activity goes on in your country such as keeping of live stock like pigs to promote agriculture and I can also see the aspect of welcome to individual and I believe that will be a great thing if your nation continue in that form

My country has a special place in my heart I can't demy