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Good day everyone, I'm so delighted to be here and take part in this contest organized by @goodybest. This is a brilliant topic and I have seen and read about my Steemit friend's names and I can say all their names are beautiful with deep meaning.

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As we all know that a name can be defined as a term that is used for identification by an observer whether internal or external. This is what we use to identify ourselves, even twins born on the same day whether identical or not are given different names as their means of identification, with the name you will be able to know them and their personalities.

For any business there would be a name and all names has deep meanings toward their selection for use. Today I will be telling you about my Steemit name and how I come about it.

Tell Us why you choose your Steemit name

My Steemit name is temitopef, and the reason why I choose the username is that it is directly my name and my journey in life and no matter what I'm experiencing, appreciation always ends my story. The name Temitopef is a combination of my names which are Temitope and Florence, I also bear other names that starts with T and F, but these are the names behind my username.

Temitope which is Oluwatemitope in full simply means I have enough reasons to thank and appreciate God, and like the name implies I always have cause to appreciate God in both good and difficult times because God has always been faithful, His mercy, favor, and love keeps me going. Florence means prosperous and flourishing, and I believe whatever I embark on or lay my hands upon shall prosper. This is how I come about my Steemit username.

Is there someone you've dedicated the name to?

No, I do not dedicate my username to another person because they are the names I was given at birth, I love the name so much and it gives me so much comfort knowing I have many reasons to thank God, also that God has always been with me from the very first day of my life and all I can give to Him to my appreciation.

Are you satisfied with your name?

Yes, I'm satisfied with my name because the name gives me reasons to appreciate God, and also a word of comfort that I shall be prosperous in my Steemit journey.

If you're given a chance will you change your name?

No, I wouldn't want to change my name for any reason because I have the deep understanding of the name before choosing it. My choice of the name was because I so much love the it and how it sounds to my hearing. It reminds me that God needs nothing from us but our gratitude and that I would always give him.


God has been so faithful to me and I have reasons to praise and appreciate Him. It is a great thing to praise God and he will continue to protect, guide, bless and prosper us. For this reason is why I love my Steemit name and would love to keep it forever. Thank you for reading, I invite @beautybb, @yakspeace, and @msquaretk to join the contest. 10% Beneficiary Set to @steem4nigeria.

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Hello dear @temitopef thanks for taking part in this contest and sharing with the meaning of your Steemit name truly we all have enough reasons to thank and appreciate God! You know what? I like your name. Continue to be active in our community we appreciate you 💕

You have explained the reason behind your username. I like your username because my brother also bears the name, temitope. Then, one of my sisters also bears Florence 😆...

Thank you for inviting me for the contest.

Kind regards!

Wow, I bears your brother and sister's name, you should give me money for that 😂.

Or I will collect money from you. 😆😆

No I ask first, I should be the one collecting money from you.

Haha. Motigbó.... I have heard.

Kind Regards!


Hello @temitopef, that is such a great lesson learned under your Name. And now i know the meaning of that Yoruba name. I have read many entries on this Contest ...but this is the first one i have found which is not dedicated to anyone.

Good entry..., Success to you..!!

Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

Thank you for the invite my dear friend, you name is so unique just like you. And I'm glad that you share the history behind your beautiful user name.

Thank you for reading babe.

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By mere looking at your username, I can easily see that it is formed from your real name, that didn't cost me much time to deduce based on the fact that I belong to the Yoruba tribe as such I understand what the name means, I have a flatmate who also bears the name and often, his friends call him in short, Tope.

You have actually spent quality time explaining to people how you come about your username and have adequately explained what it means. Good effort and I wish you the best. We hope to see more from you in this community, @temitopef.