Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W4 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | Your dream about Steem/Steemit in your country

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Hello friends, we are happy to have made it this far with all of us in the Steemit Engagement Challenge Season-2 as we welcome you to week 4. It has been a cruise drive with all of you as we've had tons of entries and engagement participation in the community. For those users who delegate to the community (@steem4nigeria) and as well set the community as one of their beneficiaries, you are the real VIP. We know and sincerely appreciate all your efforts on the platform.

Looking at the rain of entries from week 1 to date, and with other steemexclusive posts dropped in the community, we are certain of the growth of everyone as we continue to support in our unique ways. It's time to show us what week 4 got for all of us...

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Your dream about Steem/Steemit in your country: The state of the awareness of Steem in your country and what are your contributions?

The Steem Blockchain and Steemit decentralized Social handle have continued to give us the platform to freely express ourselves by posting quality and steemexclusive content and in return, we receive rewards accordingly. Moreso, it avails us the opportunity to earn from its curation activities where users can now leverage its investment channel via the building of influence (Steem Power) to earn more.

The Steemit platform with all this offering also needs to be sustained by our continuous quality engagements, growth, and development therein. Our dreams and visions that are tailored toward the development of steemit are veritable ways to contribute immensely to the platform. We know there are some ongoing programs and projects being carried out in our various locations in favor of steem's growth. Tell us those contributions of yours. The contest hints could also be a guide in articulating your content.

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Contest Hints

  • How well is Steemit known in your Country? Do you think it's popular enough or there is a need for more publicity?
  • What are the ways you think the promotion of Steemit can be more effective in your Country? This can include special projects you have in mind.
  • Do you think Steemit would be adopted more in your country if the points you listed above are implemented?
  • How have you contributed your quota to the development of Steemit in your community?

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Contest Guidelines and Rewards

  • Write an article on the subject with at least 300 words and post it in this community.
  • Endeavor to subscribe to the community and follow our official account @steem4nigeria.
  • Leave reasonable comments on at least three entries from other participants.
  • Use the tag #steem4nigeria-s2w4, #steemexclusive and club status in the first three tags. Invite at least three of your friends by mentioning them in your comment on this post and at the bottom of your entry.
  • 10 STEEM would be shared between the top 3 winners. (5,3,2 Steem respectively)
  • Write quality content to stand out and also to be suitable for support. The contest ends on the 3rd of June 2022.

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In conclusion, we are looking forward to seeing quality entries on those projects or plans that would hitherto bring about steem growth and development in our respective locations. Participants also stand a chance of being supported at the end of the week or in our Daily Top 3 posts powered by Booming. Let's see your inputs on this and we wish you success. Thank you.

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Support the growth of Steem4Nigeria by delegating some SP

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Thanks for the invitation friend, I'll do well to join soon

Thank you for visiting my post friend. I'm expecting your entry very soon.
Kind regards!

Thanks to you dear community for coming up with this topic. It has pleased me to drop my entry as early as possible. My link is below

I have also invited @olabillions @chiabertrand and @nsisong99 to take part. Hope they will

  ·  last month (edited)

Thanks for inviting me, @kawsar

Gracia por la invitación amigo!
Intentare dejar mi entrada muy pronto.

Hola, este es el enlace de mi publicación:

Mi estrada


Very interesting contest, I took part to participate in this contest: Steemit Engagement Challange S2W4

Here's the link:

Success for the Steem4Nigerian community and prosperity for all of us. Steem On!

I also want to invite my friends to participate, come on @naka05 from Venezuela, @ashkhan from Pakistan and @nadiaturrina from Indonesia.

Thank you for invite. Best of luck to you.

Nice to meet you my friend 😊

  ·  last month (edited)

This is an amazing topic for this week. Expect my entry soon.

What a great contest, this one I must do it

Wonderful contest idea. It's going to be fun. Time to dream big for our countries. Thanks to you dear community for this contest

Thank you so much for such helping material

Nice contest :)

Wow. This is very nice contest topic. My entry is loading

We really need to work hard in Nigeria to help as many as we can to embrace steemit.

Good and nice contest, am in for good

This is another very interesting contest. Let's see what users have to say about STEEM in their community and how they have contributed their quota to the development of Steem. Thanks for the update, @steem4nigeria.

Never am I going to be caught unfresh, my participation soon

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Once again with a wonderdul contest. Very nice ideas about steemit. Thank you very much Steem4Nigeria..... 😉

Saludos a todos los amigos de Nigeria y a los usuarios participantes de este desafío.
Seguro de que la plataforma ha generado muchos entusiastas, seguidores y usuarios, sin embargo hace falta apoyar y promocionar mucho más a la plataforma.

Estaremos viendo diferentes estrategias para ello.
Muy interesante.


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