Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W2 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | No place like home: Tell us why you prefer your country to any other country

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Hello friends, its nice having you all again in this second week of Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W2. We saw the massive entries made in our noble community in last week contest we pledge to serve you with a more enticing contest this week. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts in the platform as you continue to delegate to community and as well as setting the community as your beneficiary in your steemexclusive posts.

We are already certain that the engagement challenge would further bond us together as we expect great entries from you this second second week. It's time to roll out our second and fresh contest for the week.

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No place like home: Tell us why you prefer your country to any other country.

Despite the troubles inherent in our various countries, no one would still want to totally discard her country irrespective of this troubles therein. There is no doubt that most of us must have nursed some level of grievances against our country of origin due to the unchanged narratives we've long expected but this does not remove the love we still have for our dear nation.

Just like the adage that says; "No one will say em mama food no Sweet". This simply means that no one would say her mother's food is not sweet. This sweetness and love is what we intend to know from our steemexclusive participants. Tell us this very thing that when you look back, you will say for sure my country is indeed good in this. There may be many of them in your list, you're at liberty to let us know.

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Contest Hints

  • Open a brief introduction that tells us about your Country.
  • What are the great things that interest you about your country?
  • Which of the things mentioned above do you prefer your country for, over other countries?
  • No Place like home: If you eventually leave your country in search of greener pastures, would you be willing to come back because of your response in (3).

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Contest Guidelines and Rewards

  • Write an article on the subject with at least 300 words and post it in this community.
  • Endeavor to subscribe to the community and follow our official account @steem4nigeria.
  • Leave reasonable comments on at least three entries from other participants.
  • Use the tag #steem4nigeria-s2w2, #steemexclusive and club status in the first three tags. Invite at least three of your friends by mentioning them in your comment on this post and at the bottom of your entry.
  • 15 STEEM would be shared between the top 3 winners.
  • Write quality content to stand out and also to be suitable for support. The contest ends on the 19th of June 2022.

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In conclusion, we are ready to read from the large entries that would come from our Participants showcasing their Country's pride and greatness despite her shortcomings. We do hope you dish out great and plagiarism-free articles for the benefit of all concerned. Let's see your creativity on this and we wish you success. Thank you.

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Hola amiga @luimer79.
Nuestro país Venezuela es un paraíso, tenemos el privilegio que hay de todo, sin embargo existen necesidades pero con la ayuda y el apoyo de todos los venezolanos y de otros países hermanos, vamos a salir adelante.

Gracias por compartir tu puntos de vista.
Suerte en el concurso
Saludos cordiales 🤗❤️

Hola amiga gracias por tu invitación sin duda alguna que no hay otro país más bonito que nuestra querida Venezuela porque es un país que lo tiene todo

another amazing contest i will make sure to take part in this one@Steem4Nigeria

Great and interesting contest, i invite my friend @humaidi, @zulhendra and @safridafatih to take part in this great contest

Awww, haremos bellos post hablando de nuestros paises.

Nigeria my country, we die here. We have to make it work

Wow this is a beautiful contest reading through the contest, this got me thinking of what I might actually like about my country coupled with the ongoing crises and the killings every now and then. It's a beautiful contest. Thanks for inviting

Lols...this contest is really great. If I comot this country eh, I go still come back shaa but with plenty money.

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Thanks very much I appreciate,

Una gran oportunidad para demostrar que tan orgulloso se está de nuestra casa, de nuestro país.
Una cosa es nuestra nación y otra son los problemas que pueda tener.
Esperamos que muchos participen activamente en gran concurso.

Éxitos amigos de @steem4nigeria

Banner SAludos fjjrg.gif

wow, honestly a lot is going on in my country but I still love my country

What an interesting contest to express yourself about where we all come from or place of domicile

Nice contest again. My entry is loading

Great contest I must say.
I'd definitely be dropping my entry soonest.
Best regards

Another interesting contest
We meuuuve

Me encantó éste concurso, me imagino muchas cosas bellas de diferentes países.

This is interesting.Just like last week's contest,it laid emphasis on our country.No place like home shaa.I have some good things about my country despite all the issues at hand.

Wow ,no country can be totally bad without some benefits

This is Nigeria. A place where people smile when things are hard. I pledge.

This is a beautiful contest to talk about, we will come up with reasonable answers, thank you @steem4nigeria.

Indeed there is no place like home.
Expect my entry soon

This is good contest.. Nigeria my beloved country.. I'll like to invite @starchris @jueco and @roninboss to join in the fun

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thank you for the invite my dear .
here is the link to my entry you can check it🤗

Great contest.

I invite @chiabertrand, @patjewell and @malikusman1 to take part in this amazing contest.

Thank you for the invite!

Thanks for the invite, I will be dropping my Link soon

This is a very nice contest. I invite @olabillions, @ijelady and @badmus-official to participate in this contest.

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Gracias por la invitación!

Such a beautiful contest, I invite @talktofaith to join also.

Saludos comunidad

01 comunidad 4nigeria.png

Acá mi participación en el concurso de esta semana que forma parte del desafío en el ecosistema.

Espero estar a la altura del mismo.

Hasta la proxima...

Hola Gracias por la invitación, si mi país es el mejor para vivir, es el mas hermoso, lo tiene todo. Gracias por realizar y valorar nuestro país con tanto orgullo, si se hace. @paholags

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

This is a great and nice contest topic. It gives room for every user to participate. Thanks for this. Expect my entry soon.

No country is completely bad without some benefits. Insightful contest we have here. My entry soon.

I invite @ruthjoe, @patjewell ,@tmighty to make their entries too.

Great contest! Thank you for the invite!
You will see mine soon 😊

You're welcome ma'am.

Gracias por la invitación y mucho éxito.



  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Good days @steem4nigeria.
This is my entry
I wish everyone happiness, health and prosperity.


She thinks she's a very attractive competitor with her subject matter. Make us not recognized by everyone else with this contest.

Greetings to everyone.
Here is the link to my entry:

I would also like to invite my friends, @kennydavebobe, @olawole111, @ojerindejoel to participate in this amazing contest by @steem4Nigeria.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

@steem4nigeria it's 2 days now, my post isn't still reviewed, please look into it, kind regards.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this beautiful competition. Thanks to this competition, we had the opportunity to get to know the countries in the world.

Here is my entry,
No place like home #NIGERIA
Am also using this medium to invite @ijelady, @estyroberts, @chiabertrand

Thank you

Felíz tarde, amigo @steem4nigeria, esta es mi entrada

Aprovecho hacerle la cordial invitación a mis amigas @luimer79 @filili71 y @zhanavic69.

Saludos 🤗❤️.

nice 👍👍👍

[WhereIn Android] (

Below is the link of my entry to this interesting contest 👇

I am inviting @jasminemary, @nancygbemi and @weasell to participate in this contest

Hola amigo Gracias por la invitacion.

thats another great contest i would love to participate in this contest

i would invite my 3 friends to participate in this contest @komalsalman @salemumar5 @dabeerahmed