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Hello dear Nigerians and friends, as a community. We have selected articles to receive booming support for the day, thanks to the community leaders who have been helping us to reward the users before, now our top publications stand the chance to earn more from booming.

You can be the next selected author in the coming days, write more content in the community for more chances of taking that spot, be club participants, write quality content and so on, for better positioning. You can learn more in the next section.

Steem4Nigeria is our home community and we will like to make it as safe as possible for all Nigerians and beyond. Therefore, we welcome all to make their publications.



We will focus on those who are doing at least club5050 by powering up at least 50% of their earnings.

Your publications must be #steemexclusive and upto 300 words not less. Being steemexclusive means that you have not shared the same content in other social media platform.

We will also consider excellent publications that are well formated and arranged with good markdown styles.

The post must be Free from plagiarism.

Please make sure that your publications are plagiarism free. Please, always scan your publications with tools like the one below or any other one at your disposal to ensure that they have no trace of plagiarism. Use https://www.duplichecker.com/.

We will appreciate it if your publications are set to at least 10% beneficiary to @steem4nigeria to help us grow our steempower which we will in turn support you with.


How to belong to the clubs

  • To be in club 5050, you must have powered up 50% of your liquid earnings for the period of one month. Then use the tag #club5050.

  • To be in club75, you must have powered up 3 times whatever Amount of steem you must have transferred out of your wallet in the past 60 days. If you are sure you have done that, then you can use the tag, club75.

  • To be in club100, you must have powered up all your earnings in the last 90 days without transferring anything out from your wallet. If you have not made any transfer out of your wallet in the past 90 days but had powered everything up, then you can use the tag, club100.


Best Posts For The Day

We have selected these 3 posts for the day to support them as stated above. Booming will be rewarding the authors for their efforts in creating genuine content in our community.














Club Status

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉 to you all. Please keep being active and don't forget to tailor your publications such that the curators will notice you and upvote them.

We also have the community curators that can also upvote your publications if you publish according to their theme. Check here to learn more.



We appreciate you all for being active and we promise to always support you all. In addition, kindly leave your comments on this article and we encourage you to join our social media platforms added below, members that has joined would have greater chances in subsequent selections. We are also grateful to SC01 and SC02 for their unwavering supports to us.

Check on our running contest and participate in it. The link below leads to the contest and we wish you the best.



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Oh lord, blessings upon blessings
Thanks for this i appreciate it

Thank you so much @steem4nigeria for selecting my post. It's an honour, and I am truly motivated by this. Thank you once more.