Investing in Steemit as a way of Securing your Finance. By @salifumohammed

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Greetings hournable members of @Steem4Nigeria. How are we all doing today? I hope we are all doing well. It's a pleasure taking part in this amazing contest. Investing is very important to everyone,it makes you stable whenever you are having financial difficulties going forward. Everybody makes financial thoughts that can change his or her financial state, whether good or not. There are a lot of things or places one can invest in, one of the best is STEEMIT.
Steemit is a social media blockchain based on blogging.


What are the different ways to get your investment to the platform?

There a lot of ways one can invest in the platform, sharing of good and quality contents, powering up and avoid powering down are all ways you can invest in the platform. Powering up help build the blockchain to also help steemian by given them lucrative votes when ever they post in the blockchain.

Tell us why it's important to invest in the steemit platform.

Like I said,it is very important to invest but from a liable platform or company. As a good investor,you have to do research and per my research,it is legit. Because it is legit,there is no fear to invest in steemit. Nobody control your account for you. Nobody asked you to do something without your desire to do that.

Share your experience of any investment plan in the platform you've participated

There are several plans in the blockchain,being consistent, commenting, upvoting, posting, participating in contests. There is something like club status,I am participating in the all the club status,this,#club5050,club75 and #club100 respectively.Investing in steem is not risky, because no one control or operates your account for you,so you have all the mandate to use your account the way you want without been control by different people. Steemit is very simple and easy to use.

Are there any challenges before, during or after this investment moves?

Challenges,well in the start of everything,there is always challenges but since it's your desire for you, you have to work hard to overcome those challenges. During the time the club status was introduced,it was very difficult for me to go by it,I was even about leaving steemit,but I sat down and asked myself if what am to do is the right thing,I saw different posts with those tags I said to myself that I can also do it. Some challenge can lack of trust. When you are not sure of the investment you are to undertake is legit or not, definitely,you will have some fear in you to put your time, attention and resources into it.

To conclude,I will advise everyone to invest in to steemit and also take part in growing it by powering up regular or join the #club5050,75 and #club100 respectively. Steemit can be trusted and should be trusted.
Thank you for your time and attention 🙏 for reading my post.

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Investment in steemit is one of the best investments a person should think of.
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