Chicken Kabab and Chicken Tikka Boti

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There are many people who make chicken taka and chicken kabab but there is a hand test which is very tasty and there are few people who make delicious chicken taka and chicken kabab in our area there is a chicken taka point where daily Many people take the chicken home after making it and some people eat it sitting here and the chicken kebabs here are so delicious that the mouth of the mouth will water. A lot of spices are added to it, then it is made into a test, then it is cooked over coals of fire and then the chicken kebab becomes delicious.


I feel very good when something edible comes in front of me and I eat it. Kiss the hand and I have kissed the hand of many a hotel cook because his hands are magical, such is his perfection in making chicken kebabs and chicken takas and today my heart is aching for his hands. Kiss the hands that make it

How do you make chicken taka? It becomes small and all the spices are mixed in it, which makes it smooth, because ginger, garlic, green chillies, chicken kebab spices and salt, it is kept in a cold freezer and in the evening, At the time of burning coals, they are cooked by placing them on top of the rice and a little ghee or oil is applied on top of it.


And the chicken taka is also made like this. The chicken taka is cut into small pieces so that the spices are mixed inside the meat and then it is cooked over the coals and when it is cooked, it is then placed on top. They are completely cleaned and ready and the skin is removed

The chicken taka boti is ready which is very hearty to eat and many times this happens, I catch one of these people and eat one by one. It is very fun.




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