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Dear @steemitblog

I hereby apply for the post of a country representative for Nigeria. I got the invitation to apply from your update which you released 5 days ago link.

It is always my delight to serve as a country representative for my country and I have been doing that for more than one year now. I am willing to take it up again and even do more than I have done.


Active on the platform for at least the past 3 months



I joined steemit on July 25th, 2020 and since then, I have been active.

So I have been on steemit for more than 3 months as you can see from my picture above.


At least 1000 SP of their own (not delegated)

Screenshot_20220620-211948.jpgmy owned steempower, a screenshot from my wallet

I have more than 1000 owned steempower as you can see from the screenshot above. I love building my steempower through constant powerups. I love investment and there is no better way to invest my earnings if not to power most of them up as steempower, little wonder that in less than 2 years I have been in steemit, I have accumulated+45k sp. Below is the link to the last dolphin post I made to show when I got to 9x dolphin 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬




A reputation of at least 60

Yes, my reputation is already more than 60.

Screenshot_20220620-212904.jpgthe screenshot of my reputation from my steemworld page


Live permanently in the country they want to be a Country Rep for

I am currently residing in my country. I have not left here to any other country and I have toured almost round my country with exception of the Northern part which I am planning to. So I understand my country very well.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I am currently living in my country and have not made any plan to reside in another country.

I am leaving in the south south part of my country at the moment, precisely Akwaibom State Nigeria.


Be fluent in the main language of the country they want to be a Country Rep for

Nigeria has 3 major languages which are Igbo, Housa and Yoruba but all communicate with English and English has become a general language of my country.

I am fluent in English and Igbo which is my mother tongue and as such, communicating with my fellow steemians in my country can never be a problem. Presently, English is the official language of all steemians in steemit who are Nigerians and we flow well on it.


Have a CSI and voting pattern that clearly demonstrates that they are already supporting other Steemians in the country they want to be a Country Rep for.



As a member of the 7up Curation team, we emphasize on voting CSI which is a pattern of voting that ensures that different steemians are voted and not just a set of people.

Even though a lot of factors play out on this like how many times a user makes post, ones duties at any point in time and so on, I try my possible best to upvote steemians from my country. In fact, majority of my upvotes go to them because I regularly go through their publications since I have several roles in steemit like being a greeter in newcommers community, mod/ African representative for both steemwomens club community and steemfoods community, Founder/co-admin in Steem4Nigeria community and as the founder of steemkids community.

The engagement challenge as well helps me to go through their publications and upvote them as well.

The screenshots above shows that as at the time of this application, my voting CSI is 16.4 without any self upvote.


Country Reps must also not have recently powered down and they should actively support the #club system.

I perfectly fit in here because I had not recently powered down and my current club status is club75

Screenshot_20220620-220009.jpgmy club status. A screenshot taken from page which covers a period of 60 days


You should also say, in no more than 200 words, why you think you would make a good Country Representative.

  • I understand the roles of a country representative very well, as one who will primarily provide advice and guidance to both old and new steemians in my country. I have been doing this and will continue to do it. I have the patience.

  • I understand that I have to help grow steem and steemit in my country through steem promotion and organizing public events. I have been doing these and Will continue to do it. I have the spirit.

  • I understand that I will always support projects and initiatives launched by both steemit Inc. and Tron. I do support all projects and initiatives launched by steemit Inc and Tron even before now like the club initiative, the burnsteem25 and the engagement challenge.


image.pngthis is my burnsteem t-shirt to show my support
image.pngthis was the burnsteem post I made to show my support and to encourage others to join link
image.pnghere is a post I made to teach how to join the clubs
image.pngI was very furious when my identity was stolen by an unknown murderer link
  • I am selfless and I am always positive and active, I have not been inactive since I joined steemit and I am not going anywhere so as to be inactive.

  • I am steemexclusive which means that I am not active in similar social media platforms like hive and blurt and I don't cross post.


This is my introductory post here


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It is one year since I joined steemit and you have proof to be an hardworking country representative. You recruit through steem promotion, mentor and also guide newbies whenever they have issues. You also organized contest for your country and African at large. From time to time you organized physical meetup for steemians in your state of residence and video conferencing meetings for steemians in different states of Nigeria. What more can a country representative do. You are the right candidate for the position because you have exhibited the qualities of a good country representative.
Congratulations in advance!!!

Wow! You have made me feel like a queen dear. I have passion for all that and I like sacrifices. I am glad that you are a witness to all my activities. Thanks for your support. More of them will come in no time especially if I am selected. I appreciate your kind recommendations. Thank you, thank you and thank you again and again. I appreciate



Selecting CR for Nigeria just got real easy.. 💪 I mean can anyone compete with this lady! I know it's harsh for the others but sorry guys, you really don't have a chance now.

A big thank you my dear teammate. You have made my morning. I sincerely appreciate your support. You are a darling

As you have proven in the past of your capabilities, it is not new that you have been a good leader, a user that represents progress, leader and most of all encouraging both new and old, you are just fit for this post,
best of luck to you

Thanks a lot dear. Steemit is such a wonderful place to be. I enjoy every aspect of what I do. Your recommendation will go a long way. I appreciate

You are welcome ma'am

You don't even write much here about how fit you are for this position because time will definitely fail you and you will be too wordy, likewise will I say much than You got my back on this 100%! Your good works is clearly seen by all except an inactive user.

Thanks a lot my dear. I appreciate your recommendation and good wishes.

Greetings friend, I know you will be an excellent Country Representative of Nigeria because you are very hard working and constant, I admire your work in the communities and your good attitude that you spread to everyone. I hope you get selected, I will be here supporting you. Blessings.

I appreciate your commendation and recommendation dear. I pray to be selected too. Thanks for your good wishes

Congratulations on your great work my friend. Your role for Steemit growth is highly visible so far as Nigerian Country Representative and mentor for newcomers. Best of luck team mate @ngoenyi

Thanks a lot my dear friend for appreciating my role. I also appreciate your good wishes. It is now in God's hand.

Hello dear @ngoenyi, you are an excellent representative of your country, a disciplined, hard-working and very dedicated person. You do everything from the heart and with sincerity. You are a great example and you deserve to continue there because you have done very well.
I wish you much success.
Greetings and blessings to you 🙏🤗

Thanks a lot ma'am for showering me with praises. I appreciate your kind recommendations and good wishes.

I am glad you are applying as a Nigerian CR, good luck dear

Thanks dear friend for your good wishes. I pray I get selected again.

Congratulations and Success in your application for CR.

Thanks a lot my dear. I appreciate your good wishes.

You are capable of this role, you did it really well and you can do it again, you have an office which you use to promote steemit and steem, you have reach and even exceed the requirements of this role. I wish you success ma'am we need you again for this role

Thanks a lot dear sister and friend for your support. It means a lot. I appreciate your recommendation and good wishes


It's from you that I have learned so much about what a CR is.. You have been a CR in your country for more than a year now and you have worked endlessly and tirelessly in serving your country as a CR and you have been going an extra mile in sacrificing to see that things move smoothly and accordingly.

This are the examples of things a true leader does. So with you as a CR, Nigeria will and shall always move high and high through your hardwork and dedication

In this regards, I already know you will be called up once more to serve as a CR for your country because I don't see anyone that have offer the sacrifices you have been doing so far for your country and community

I wish you a big congratulations in advance

I sincerely value and appreciate your sincere evaluation of my activities. I am only carrying out what I love doing. Whatever is best for us all to succeed is my concern. I appreciate your good wishes and kind commendations

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Thanks a lot dear community and @reminiscience01

Whoop whoop! At last!
You kept my eyes glued to my screen.
We all know who you are…
We all know what you are doing…
We all know the support you give…
We all know the efforts you put in…
We all know that you are the perfect candidate!
I wish you all the best!
You got my vote! ✅

Hahahahaha, you have come again with your wonderful commendation and recommendation my dear friend. You support and motivate me a lot with your comments. Thanks once again. This is one of itsbest

The pleasure is all mine! 🌺

You have what it takes to serve. You've already shown it and there's no doubt you can do even better in the future. All the best!

Thanks a lot dear for your kind recommendations. I appreciate

Wishing you all the best.

Thanks dear for your continues supports

You deserve another opportunity to serve in this capacity. You have done well so far,I can't wait to see you take up this role once again. Welldone mama. I wish you the very best.

Thanks a lot my dear, I appreciate your good wishes and evaluation of my activities. It's in God's hands now

No doubts you're amongst the best we've got here. You've done it before and perfectly well through your support at various levels and I believe you can still do it again and even better.
Congratulations in advance, @ngoenyi.

Thanks a lot dear boss for your good wishes. I will surely do more if given the opportunity. I appreciate

Ma,am you can be perfect CRwithout any doubt .your hardwork and dedication to steemit speak for itself .voted already.Goodluck

Thanks a lot for supporting me. I pray I get selected. I appreciate

Wlc ma,am you will be oo

All I can say is that you have done wonderfully well as a country rep and will not fail to surpass what you have done if given the opportunity once more.

Congratulations in advance.

Thanks a lot my wonderful friend and Soulmate. Your support has brought me thus far. I appreciate

You have been a role model to almost every Nigerian here on Steemit. Your competence and effort in supporting and mentoring users makes you a qualified candidate. I hope you can be given this opportunity once again to continue your good works.

I wish you all the best in your application.

Thanks a lot boss. I appreciate your support and best wishes

Welldone maam. Im sure youd make a good country rep

Thanks a lot dear sister. I pray I get selected

I'm the witness to your hardwork, dedication and the patience with which you handle difficult tasks as well. If anyone shall get a chance again then it's you.

Good luck friend.

I appreciate your kind commendations dear Sister. I pray I get selected again

You have been a very hardworking country representative that has been available to coordinate her people and others, for their effective operation on Steemit.

Your efforts get better day in and day out. Many Steemains look up to be strong as you are, no doubt you have laid a great legacy for all. I support your application, ma'am @ngoenyi and I look forward to seeing you reappointed for this role.

Your kind commendations means a lot to me dear boss. I pray I get selected again

Since I know you, I have seen nothing but consistency and hardwork. Surely, you will still make more contributions. I wish you good luck.

Kind regards!

I appreciate your support dear. I love to serve. If I get selected, I will do more

You are perfectly fit for the role ma. I remember additional guidance and your support to explain some things when I first joined steemit last year. You are such a vibrant and excellent person. I can't wait to congratulate you on this role

This means a lot to me dear. Thanks a lot for your support. I pray I get selected again

From all ramification you are qualified for this post, chia God when will my sp grow like this, I love savings too because you can only count your future with your savings.

Congratulations in advance @ngoenyi

Wow! Thanks a lot dear Sister. Your support means a lot to me

You are always welcome

Presently you have been doing good and am certain and convinced that you will do better, you have been good in Consistency, powering up, encouragement to others and letting a helping hands to others, you suit this post.

Congratulations 🎉

I appreciate your support dear Sister. It means a lot to me at this time. I pray I get selected again

I wish you success in you application and I pray you get selected to continue your role as CR for Nigeria..

I have worked with you when we were managing curator04 account and even in newcomers community, one thing i admire about you is your consistency on this platform
I respect all consistent people i come across in my life because its not easy..

I am rooting for you..

I so much appreciate your kind commendations dear. I appreciate

You will return to being a Nigerian CR, My prayers are always with you mama

Your comment and support means a lot to me my dear. You are the a true friend and more or less like a family. Distance can not divide us at all. Thanks a lot

Nice to meet you here mama,,,

I can't thank steemit enough for bringing you to me. We still have a great future ahead. Let's keep moving forward dear

Likewise with me mom


With your consistency and good work in the platform, you certainly deserve this post. And you have represented Nigeria so well that I'm sure if you are appointed again you will do best. We want you back as our CR and we hope the best for you.
Thank you for applying to represent us 🥰🥰

You have always supported me my dear and with your recommendation, it will always get better. I appreciate

You are a person who has done a very good service for steemit. You are constantly meeting with the users of steemit in Nigeria and are very committed to promoting the steemit platform. You are really a good example for country representatives. Good luck ma'm @ngoenyi 🤗❤❤

What a wonderful recommendation from you dear @nishadi89. It means a lot to me. Thanks a lot

My pleasure 🤗❤.

You are a good example of country representative, I have always congratulate your persistency on steemit and wish to work hard like you on steemit.

I still remember when i asked you, when do you sleep because your comment is in almost all the post, you are active all the time in all the groups.

My dear you qualified to continue and am happy more Nigerians are coming up to become country representative so that steemit can become a house hold name

Thanks a lot for your support. It means a lot

Thank you

You have a long history, you are part of many communities and you help everyone, you are very close to being an orca, your work speaks for itself dear.

Much success to you.

Your support means a lot to me. It will be an honor to be selected as country representative for my country Nigeria. Thanks a lot

You are a hardworking successful person. I wish you continued success.

Thanks a lot my brother. I appreciate your support

You are a hard-working , consistent steemian who serves as mentor to other steemians. Your loyalty and consistency in steemit is exemplary. You deserve this position, ma'am.

Wish you success on your application.

Thanks my dear sister for appreciating my work as country representative for Nigeria. I will keep doing my best.

Realmente ha hecho un muy buen trabajo, la experiencia que ha desarrollado es importante y fundamental para desarrollar su rol.

Mucho éxitos en esta nueva meta.


Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

I appreciate your support @fjjrg. It will be an honor for me to return as a country representative for Nigeria. Thanks a lot for recommending me

Mama de mama, there is no need to overemphasised your capabilities because you have proven beyond doubt that you are a good leader, mother and friend to all steemians without attaching boundaries. Therefore, you are more than fit to represent your country. In fact, you can represent the whole world ✌️✌️✅

Hahahahahah, you have made my day with your recommendation dear. Thanks a lot. I enjoy every bit of my step in steemit and I love you all. We are truly one. Thanks a lot

You are welcome 🤗

You deserve this position the most. I believe you will do this with your discipline and dedication.

Thanks a lot for your kind commendation and recommendation. I truly appreciate

Since I joined steemit, I met with a lot of people in this platform, and I will say that you are worthy of this position, the cap fit you well, because there's this proverbs that says if it's not Panadol it's not Panadol, with all the effort you put, give in your all in steemit to make sure it grows, you deserve to represent us, I know steemitblog like good things and mostly steem growth so you are the only one that have all the qualities they need, congratulations in advance because I know you will come out victorious .

Oh my goodness! You have made my day dear. Thanks a lot for this wonderful commendation. I really appreciate.nif it's God's will, I will emerge again as the representative for Nigeria. Let's see how it goes

You have been doing a great job ma, during your previous years and I am a beneficiary to that and I am saying a big Thank you, I believe you are also still fit for the job

Thanks a lot dear for your wonderful comment and recommendation. I appreciate

Yasssss you are very fit for the job Mme . Your other posts on the platform can attest to that. For me you just need to be selected even without the posts 😅. Your movements make the noise for you.

Best of luck Mme

Thanks a lot dear sister. I appreciate your commendation and recommendation. It means a lot

You are welcome Mme

All the best dear. I hope you will be the best representative in your country.

Thanks a lot dear. I appreciate

Wish you luck!
You will make a great representative!

Greetings from @olesia

Thanks a lot my dear, I appreciate

I have never seen someone with more passion for the steemit platform like you ma, you are indeed an ambassador of steemit, i wish you success in this application ma.

Thanks a lot dear. I appreciate

You really fit in to this position. You have had series of wonderful record on steemit and I know you'll do wonderfully well in future.

Thanks a lot my dear, I appreciate your support

Your contribution to Steem growth in Nigeria is unequalled. You have done amazingly well and the results are there for all to see. I know you will be reappointed definitely. Congrats on advance. @ngoenyi

Thanks a lot boss. I appreciate. I am also looking forward to your application because your own contributions are enormous

Greetings friend @ngoenyi

In summary we can say that you have done an excellent job, I hope you can have the opportunity to fulfill the role of representative for another period of time.

I wish you success.

Thanks a lot my dear friend @adeljose. I pray that I get the opportunity to serve again. I sincerely appreciate your good wishes

Wow, another opportunity for you to continue the work you being doing in Nigeria. You been of great motivation to both old and new steemians. I wish you the best, im positive about your reappointment as CR for Nigeria 🇳🇬.

Thanks a lot dear. I pray it goes well

Hello friend, your work on the platform speaks for itself, you are an exemplary user.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to continue exercising this role as a representative of your country Nigeria.

Greetings and blessings!

Thanks a lot dear friend. I hope for the better. I appreciate

You are an amazing woman and an amazing Steemian. I hope you get the job because you have the integrity and energy to fulfill the task.

Best of luck, @ngoenyi :)

Thanks dear Sister, I appreciate your kind commendations. I pray I get the chance again

Good luck, dear!
Wish all the best my best friend

Thanks dear, I appreciate

I have become your fan and you are my role model, wish you all the best

Hahaha, thanks dear Sister. We are all that to each other. I appreciate

Mama G, G for General, General in Nigeria and queen mother of steemit in Nigeria.

You are really hardworking and surely put in the world wherever you find yourself.

I wish you the best in your application. I know you will make us proud again.

Hahahaha, Mama G is the nick name you have given me in steemit. Wow, I so much appreciate your support and guidance. You are also my teammate in Steem4Nigeria community and we have met severally. I am waiting for your application because I know you deserve a win. Thanks a lot for your support and Wonderful comment, it means a lot

best of luck respected sister, ,, you are great hard worker, and suitable for cr ,, best of luck

My respected Brother,I am delighted to have your support. Thanks for the recommendation. It means a lot

You are hardworking, capable, and committed, name it! What more can I say than to wish you success on this application.

Best wishes ma'am!

Thanks a lot dear Sis. You have been a support to me too. I appreciate your recommendation and good wishes

Ever since I join Steemit the only name that rings in my ear is @ngoenyi and when I look at her I wonder where she got the strength from. Ma'am you are special when it comes to Steemit because you don't rest and I don't think you really have that time for yourself because you put in so much effort in your work as country representative. You really deserve to represent us again.

Hahaha, you have made my morning 🌅🌅🌅🌅, thanks a lot dear sister. I am glad to read your commendation and recommendation. It means a lot

You deserve it ma'am

Good luck Mme ngoenyi, you make a great country Rep and you’ve been doing a great job so far.
If you continued in this position you’d do better and more.
Good luck to being Country Representative

Thanks a lot dear sister. I appreciate your kind comment and recommendation. If it is God's will, I will emerge again. Whatever that comes, we take it in good faith

I don't know in person but your doings here is a talking point and @benson6 doesn't stop talk about. You have my vote Ma and make proud in Nigeria and Africa at large❤❤❤

Thanks a lot dear. I appreciate you a lot. We will surely meet one day dear. Your vote means a lot to me

You are indeed fit for this work ma'am, because you are such a hardworking, deligent and consistent person and you also know how to encourage steemians, and iam one of them. Thanks for your encouragement.

I appreciate your support dear. It means a lot. I will keep doing my best to support everyone.

You are welcome ma'am

Good luck mam. You are a source of inspiration for me. Mam I want to join curation team. I'm in Club75. Hugs with love 💕.

Thanks for your nice comment and support, I appreciate.

If you will like to join any team, it will be good if you drop your contact details at the comment section of the steemitblog update for the application so that those who need you can contact you. That's how to find a team.

That is the link to the update where you can drop your details

All the best my friend.
I am sure you are a perfect candidate for this position in your country!
Best wishes!

Thanks dear friend. I am going to comment on yours now. I appreciate your support and well wishes

All the best! <3

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Curation Team: Steem Growth

I say congratulations to you in advance momma. Every since I joined steemit you have been a powerful lady who goes to any length to help others. That's a big sign of love and leadership. You have inspired many people on this platform and me particularly.

I vouch and vote for you any time for the position of CR in your country. We need leaders like you always. Good luck

Thanks a lot dear Sister. I am glad and willing to support in any way possible. It is a social media platform and as such, I need to always fulfill the social aspect to the fullest. I appreciate your support and recommendation. It means a lot to me dear

You're welcome momma. You have my support anytime

I have always been able to see your great work and growth within Steemit and I always admire your performance, you are a worthy Representative of your country and I honestly hope that you are chosen because your work here is formidable dear!

My best wishes to you in this application!

Thanks a lot dear. It will be an honor if the chance is given me again to serve in that capacity again. Thanks for your good wishes and supports

I think you are over qualified for this position and in all sense of honesty,you should be given the position without blinking an eye.

You are committed, supportive and has the interest of all at heart.What more can I say.

Congratulations in advance!!

Thanks a lot dear. Your recommendation means a lot. I appreciate


You are the inspiration for many other users, especially for me. You did great work and I wish you would remain the country's representative for the coming years. Best wishes to you. You deserve this role. I wish we could get selected this time

I appreciate your kind words dear. Your support means a lot to me. Thanks

If any new user comes to the platform, I am sure that they see your account first, because you are everywhere. Your hard work says all about you, your projects work well for everybody. So I wish you best of luck dear.

Thanks so much dear friend. I am only doing my best. I appreciate your recommendation and good wishes.

Extraordinary. You work a lot in the growth of the platform. I am sure to support you to represent your country.
Good luck My Sis @ngoenyi