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Hello steemians i trust we are all doing well, we have all come a long way in this engagement challenge and already in week4, we have also come far for bringing this our community to the very point it is at the present moment through our love and adaptability for the community our actions and words as steemians has gone a long way in placing us in the cutting edge of the Steem4nigeria community and our voices are now echoed throughout the platform.


How well is Steemit known in your Country?


The introduction of Steemit in Nigeria has gone a long way in broadcasting some of the intellectual voices and writings that has been silenced overtime, thanks to the advent of social media and the brilliant minds of the creators of these cryptocurrency called steem, it has better the way we look and relate with the situations around us. while writing about serious issues involving our society and still earn while facing the challenges head on with our hand put to our keyboards.
Steemit in my country Nigeria is not well known because quit number of people are yet to know about Steemit, we all know that Nigeria is a big country then as we speak we have over 215.87 Million population in Nigeria so I don't think if quarter of it in Steemit.


Do you think it's popular enough or there is a need for more publicity?


Steemit is the most popular decentralized application on the Steem blockchain,
Steem in late March, Steem has remained by far the more popular of the two chains; Steem usually review around 600,000 transactions per day, but as for now is dropping every day so I think there is need for more publicity to that Steemit can return to be the best decentralized app.


What are the ways you think the promotion of Steemit can be more effective in your Country?


In the 21st century i believe even in any business social media should be on the peak of anyone's list because that is the way to reach many people these days.
so i think it can succeed through
One of the Steemit values is “quality Makes Us Strong”. This means we welcome a unspecific range of skills, specializations, perspectives and talent. It also means we aim to work with a various group of people, and we’re always promoting the notion of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This is something Steemit is passionate about, we even have a full committee dedicated to it! The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee works to ensure Steemit is living this value every day.


what exactly are equity, diversity, and inclusion?


Equity does not really mean equal; equity can be defined as to consider others’ differences to ensure fair treatment. Diversity means that we have different voices, opinions, and types of people across our organization. Inclusion is when you feel like your voice is heard and appreciated, you feel included and welcomed into the conversation

  • awareness: canvassing at the excessively, speaking to people one on one and sharing ideas on what steemit is, we have more than 215million nigerians and i don't think we have 5% of the amount that has heard of steemit but so many of them know facebook so we can start canvassing at all levels to raise our social awareness and through one on one deliberation with friends and families, the key here is to keep on talking about steemit in any place we found ourselves, Just remember a drops of water makes an ocean.

  • Organizing seminar: what I mean here is that not the normal meetup but renting a hall and make it presentable, for instance one of the networking seminar I have attend it was so colourful so Steemit seminar should not be different. At least you are making the world know that you are making money in Steemit so you have to prove it by making it colourful and I believe with this through the testimony that will be shared alot of investors will come in and we will be able to recruit newbies after all Steemit is a free business that you sign up free of charge

  • Awards: this is one of the area that the Steemit team should look at, I think every year, Mayor’s Awards should be given to recognize those hard working steemians who have gone over and above to serve the community and who have made a notable difference to the lives of our Group residents. Expercially those that have been in Steemit for over two years. For example the awards can be cash prizes or car awards or a traveling tour and I believe with this it will be part of promotion.

  • Road show: I think another way we can promote Steemit is when we come together as one, every body with one t-shirt irrespective of the community uniform then walk round the city distributing fliers and this road show should be like a carnival and I bet you with this it will attract so many eyes and from there promotion set in.


Do you think Steemit would be adopted more in your country if the points you listed above are implemented?


I believe in projects such as what I have mentioned above and i think it will go a long way in informing the world of our presence in Nigeria and it will definitely bring people on board with fresh view to what we hope to achieve and as a team. just like they say teamwork makes the team work but to me i say steemit works when the team works, and when we increase the reach of our team then we can advance better within the community and i believe we are going to get there.


How have you contributed your quota to the development of Steemit in your community?


Yes I have contributed in my own little way to Steemit in my community by bringing in my family and friends into the platform, I go on promotion to tell people about the good news of Steemit and my promotion sometimes is on social media and now I am planning to create a Facebook page just for Steemit where I will be dropping lectures and testimony and I believe with this I will be able to achieve my goals.




I hope to meet people of like minds and share concrete attempt we have all made in promoting the community and what we can do better than alot of us on steemit, attach with the big people that started before me get insights into what has keep them going and share new discoveries too.
I invite my friends @jyoti-thelight, @icon-monday, @eliany, @patience90 and @ngoenyi to join us

More about me

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Wonderful, what you have just published, on the aspect of awarding giving, I think each year they are being awarded bountifully, but the ideas of the trip and all that is a good one but are the resources enough to do that now, there are several sectors in this platform the team need to touch, I believe it can come to reality but can it be now?

Thanks for your publication you have shared a good Idea as to how we can make Steemit more popular

Thank you very much for the nice comment under my post, I think with time all this can be done

For sure they can

You have written so well my dear friend. It us true that is there is steemit seminars alot of people will embrance the platform based on what the see and belief that there is money in steemit. Roadshow too is another good instruments for steemit awareness creation. I wish you success in the contest

Thank you my sister, I believe if all this is implemented Steemit will be head

I think there is need for more publicity to that Steemit can return to be the best decentralized app.

With the population in Nigeria I think the whole steemians on this platform will have to take up the role of making it public enough. Nigeria is truly huge and as you said I don’t think quarter of them are on the platform .

Organizing seminar

Yep seminars have always been a great way of letting people know what they do not know. I think when this happens a lot of people will know about the platform and things will be better.

You are doing well my dear, for this nice comment, seminar is one thing we should consider

After reading your post I don't know who must be the proudest to have you on their side, Steemit or your country.
Congrats on a great post!!
Best wishes for the contest!

Thank you boss for the best comment

Your are welcome! 🎕

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Thank you so much I appreciate

Nigerians, indeed, have been aware of the Steemit platform. We are one of the people who have contributed to the platform and also being rewarded.

I like the point you mentioned about seminars, especially if it's done strategically to attract more people to the platform.

Also, road show is also good. But we can also use billboard to promote steemit platform.

Thank you for writing your opinion on how to make steemit more known in Nigeria.

Kind regards!

You are right about using billboard to promote Steemit. You have commented well in my post thank you

Impressive presentation @mesola. I admire the hard work you have put to help Steem growth in your city. Just as you said, less than 5% of Nigerians know Steemit. Of the more than 200 million population we have, there is still much work to do to create awareness. The more we do promotions, the more we help with Steem Growth. Keep up your efforts. @mesola

Thank you boss for your nice comment on my post I really appreciate, Nigerian are yet to know Steemit and with things out together we will get there

You are very correct. Seminar should be done with testimonies where peopl will organize it in a way it will show that it worth it. Thanks for this idea.

Thank you my friend for stopping by

Very good proposals to spread Steemit in your country.

Despite the fact that Steemit does not have the greatest popularity in Nigeria, on a daily basis we can see many users from that country, doing a great job on the platform, willing to continue growing and strengthening the Steem ecosystem.

Successes in the contest.

Thank you dear friend for the nice comment hope to see your entry

You have actually taking your time to do this work, you have explained what steemit is and you have come up with good suggestions in how to promote steem in Nigeria and I think your suggestions will actually go a long way. Thank you for sharing your view with us and I wish you all the best.


Steemit in my country Nigeria is not well known because quit number of people are yet to know about Steemit,

Yeah I believe compared to your population, Steemit is not that known but I think it is the highest country with the total number of users in Africa.

I am happy to hear that you have promoted Steemit in your community and amongst your family members. You do also have brilliant ways of Steem promotion.

Good luck in the contest.

Thank you dear friend for leaving a nice comment on my post

Undoubtedly, steemit is doing a good job. Some people have heard about steemit in Nigeria, but I still believe many have not heard about the platform. One thing that will increase the recruitment of new members is the support of new members. Steemit did support new members before, but I think it has dropped greatly. So if this is dealt with, I believe recruiters will be willing to recruit.

Thank you for the comments, support will surely come

You are doing a great work for steemit, steemit team can be proud to have you. Thank you for your contributions and suggestions for steemit in Nigeria, together we can make a great name for steemit. We just need to go for it.

wow this is great.

they say teamwork makes the team work but to me i say steemit works when the team works
I love the sentence above it's very true and inspirational.
Thanks for writing a well detailed and structured content

Organizing seminar: what I mean here is that not the normal meetup but renting a hall and make it presentable,

Yes, if big seminars are held and people are informed about the steemit then it will be much better for the adoption of steemit as well as for pakistan.

Steemit in my country Nigeria is not well known because quit number of people are yet to know about Steemit.

O, but dont worry if the points that you explain above are implemented then the adoption of this beautiful platform will also grow.

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable thoughts with us. I would like to make a humble and polite request to you to visit my post too. If you do so, I will be very grateful to you. I hope you will visit.

Greetings 🇵🇰

You've written well on this topic by sharing your own ideas on how we can promote steemit by creating awareness, giving out awards, organizing seminar and putting more efforts on road show activities.

All these will really help in letting people know what steemit is all about.
Thank you for sharing and good luck!

Talking about seminars is indeed a great idea to tell people about this great platform. I have seen your works and all you are doing to promote the steemit platform. A job well done ma.

Hi iits so glad to know how the steemit grow in your country you'r post tell about it, and you are an active steemian. Success for you dear..
Greetings from Indonesia

Thank you dear friend

It is a great thing to see that you guys are doing a great job to promote steemit in community and I hope that as time goes by thing are going to change eventually for the better meet if the platform

@mesola, your opinions and suggestions are ok, and if implemented will take steemit very high in the position of Facebook, Instagram Twitter and so on but I think these projects need so much money to come through but gradually we will get there, thanks for sharing your ideas.