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Mind free with my kids



Karma has a justification,
even if karma is not real.

Here's what I know about karma's. What I noticed is that Something karma loves and something karma hates. I am on the opinion that this has an element of truth even if karma is vision. The feelings of guilt and peace stimulate by karma are very real and most definitely a result of "what goes around must surely comes around" even if it is just by chance.

What Karma Hates


Karma hates it when you make used of his job. It's karma's job is to teach life a lessons. It is karma's job to reveal people why what they did or what happened stink. When you go and go for justice or vengeance, that you observe was deserved when you could have walked away rather, you take away karma's job in doing that, and karma Don't love that. If you could have walked away and build peace karma would have dealt with that for you, having known the full story and situation and the true weight of the "crime". Karma doesn't take a day off. Instead of wasting the time on that guy, he'll lavish it on you rather, and he'll make sure you feel unspeakable for the justice you enforced especially if it felt great at the time.

What Karma Loves


Karma LOVES it when you laugh at somebody else's expense. This is like giving karma a cause in life. Karma loves when you give him a reason to teach you why the suffering isn't funny. Whatever you laughed about, karma will make sure you remember laughing about it and you'll feel horrible for having felt so good.

But how can this be real if karma isn't?


Karma has a way of teaching you to seek peace rather than vengeance. Vengeance isn't something that makes us feel good deep down. It might feel great at the time, when it feels righteous. But the subconscious you hates what you did. Gradually the guilt creeps up on you asking what kind of person would do that. Your conscious mind will snap you out of it and remind you that it was deserved, but then one day something will happen and you will say

"Why me?"

And on that day you'll remember that thing you did that your subconscious has been holding onto. Giving you deep inner guilt that doesn't get expressed except through repressive emotions like anger and frustration.

Finding peace


These guilty feelings lie around your subconsciousness if you can say that you could have walked away and found peace instead. And so when those feelings of "this is karma" and "what goes around comes around" and worst of all "I deserve this" come around it's time to seek forgiveness. Seek forgiveness from yourself or seek forgiveness from God if you believe in Him. Because again, even if God isn't real, I believe there was always a reason the Church taught confession.

Through confession you dig deep into your subconscious and accept the things you hate that you did and you find a way to articulate and understand yourself. You learn to admit what you did wrong and you come to realise how horrible they make you feel when they lie repressed and unexpressed on a subconscious level. Guilt is an ingredient for further self destruction through our need to repress that feeling and express anger and resentment instead, often pushing loved ones away or damaging important relationships.


Why I am puting on this post is because I stumbled into a post on Facebook where someone was asking for forgiveness and the post is
From Nancy umeh link


You can go through the screenshot



Karma has a purpose - and it's purpose is to teach you to find inner peace. One way to do that, is by letting karma do his job.


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