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Hi, beautiful people of Steem4Nigeria!

This time, we have been asked to Prepare or Promote any Recipe that is Peculiar to your Country. As I love to cook, I have decided to prepare something for you, a dish that is so peculiar to my country and which also happens to have a unique flavor because of our exclusive variety of sweet chili: ají jobito.

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For the flu, general unease, hangovers, sleepless nights, and even for heartbreak, a hot chicken soup is something that Venezuelans generally appreciate and are grateful for.


Chicken soup is a tradition in Venezuela. Like many traditional dishes, each family has its own history and in each house there is someone who everyone says makes the best chicken soup.


To make chicken & noodle soup like the grandmothers in my hometown, you must follow these 4 wide steps:

Step zero is about making sure you have everything you need.

This time, I used: chopped chicken, onion, sweet chili, red bell pepper, garlic, spring onion, parsley, potatoes, carrot, and noodles (and salt).


1- Chop the vegetables finely and cook them together with the chicken pieces, until you get a thick and aromatic sauce.


2- Then add the root vegetables and the water, enough so that there is enough for all the guests (where two eat, three eat too, my people say).


3- 1 minute before you remove the pot from the fire, add the noodles.


4- Finally, add salt and herbs (cilantro, mint, and/or parsley) and let the soup rest for at least half an hour before serving. This time, I used parsley and spring onions I had in the fridge.



Ají Jobito, Taste of My Soil

Venezuelans are also fond of the flavors that come from our soils. Our vegetables taste like home. When we travel, we miss the taste of our sweet chili varieties, the sweet and bitter aftertaste of our peppers, the intense spicy flavor of our garlic. Sweet corn is also a problem for those outside Latin America, because ours is tasty and hearty, without the watery texture; it has sweetness, starchiness and crunchiness.

A good chicken soup has a good amount of these ingredients: sweet chili, red or green bell pepper, and freshly crushed garlic.


In my hometown, Cumaná, a good soup must have ají jobito, a variety of sweet chili you will only find around my city: in the valleys of Cumanacoa, in a small town called Salazar, and in Mariguitar. You can see the area on the map below.

Image in the Public Domain, modified by me - Wikimedia Commons

I have surrounded the area where the ají jobito is grown. It is such a typical flavor in our gastronomy that I could not live without it and still be happy.

I have read that many have tried to reproduce the flavor of our sweet chili, but they have not succeeded, even here in Venezuela. Due to copyright restrictions applied to commercial platforms such as Steemit, I cannot provide a link to these documents, but you can Google this information anytime.


Soup, in general, has always been the lunch of peasants and fishermen in the east of my country, where there is a lot of coast and water. I myself live just a few meters from the beach.


My hometown used to be a fishing village. Fish used to be a common food here--it is still quite popular--, and that is why we have always been grateful for a hot chicken soup, to get out of the routine and comfort the body.

When it comes to soup, my people prefer fresh chicken, straight from the farm. People of my generation still have the ability to distinguish very well the taste of a broth made with fresh chicken.

On a good day like today, we have our soup with hot arepas, fresh cheese, and/or avocado.


Although not my favorite ingredient in chicken soup, noodles are essential for many families. They add thickness to the broth and make the kids eat all the food on their plate, which is very important for Venezuelan mothers.


What's so "ours", so "special" for our soup?


Ají jobito
I have told you already about them: grown only near my hometown. They are mainly green and yellow pods, but you can find red ones (rarely). They are rarely spicy; they are sweet chilis.

Mild Caribbean Peppers
The aji dulce pepper is brightly colored (red, yellow, and green) and has sweet flavor and mild heat. You can remove the veins and seeds, to avoid the spiciness. I use it whole because we love a little spice in our meals at home.

Sweet Corn
Finally, the flavor of the corn harvested in Venezuela is unique to our palate. The corn is sweet and tender with a touch of milk that is very different from other countries in the north or across the sea.


How long can I survive without my loved chicken soup?

I don’t think I can be well enough without it. I could definitely eat it every day, but not eating it? Well, that’d be hard. I have been two weeks without it, but have felt sick: headaches and the feeling I have not been eating well. I can only hope that if I have to leave my country some day, I can find ají jobito wherever I am and make a nice hot chicken soup--and I might even add noodles.



Thank you for your visit.


Unless I point it out below the image, all images are my own, taken with the camera of my Xiaomi Redmi 9T cell phone.

Looking forward to the entries by

@alicargofer, @jyoti-thelight, and @reinamia

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Thank you so much for the support, @steem4nigeria. Much appreciated :)

Ésta comprobado que como al ají jobito, ninguno. Dicen los especialistas que tal vez por su suelo oriental ya que se da en esta zona. El resultado de tu sopa no cabe duda debe estar espectacular y con un aroma que hipnotiza .

Hola, @reinamia. La verdad es que en mi nevera rara vez falta el ají jobito y en diciembre, no hago el guiso de las hallacas hasta que no lo tenga. He leído testimonios de agrónomos de la zona; en Google se consiguen; efectivamente, tiene que ver con las características del suelo. Yo soy loca por el ají en todas sus formas, pero el ají jobito, obviamente, tiene un lugar especial en mi cocina.

Saludos y suerte en el Reto :)

Great post, we've upvoted and shared it

Thank you so much, @upvoteandresteem :)

It shows how familiar you are will a-lot of delicacy in Venezuela, you are the first that will not talk about arepa as a Venezuelan 🤣, maybe it isnt a very popular delicacy in the part of the country that you are. Good post presentation

Well, we had the soup with arepas, @olabillones, LOL.

You must understand that arepas are too popular, but we have many typical dishes that would well deserve a post on Steemit. I chose chicken noodle soup because I like simple culinary traditions. it's not a delicacy, like an hallaca, one of our traditional fish pies, or our more famous round roast, but it has heart, and I love foods with heart.

Thank you so much for visiting my post and for making me laugh a little. It was a pleasure to find your comment after a hard day.

Cheers and good luck, my dear :)

You are most welcome

Gracias por la invitación amiga, tu participación esta de lujo con este aji jobito, la sopa de pollo que nos presentas es la que necesita mi hija hoy para recuperarse pronto de su resfriado. Ver el fideo en la sopa me recuerda a mi madre y mi abuela, nos hace disfrutar mucho de la sopa. Me encanta las tomas fotográficas, muchos éxitos.

Hola, @alicargofer :)

Los fideos son muy de nuestras abuelitas, ¿verdad que sí? Normalmente no se los pongo a la sopa, pero te digo que le cayeron muy bien a ella y a mí XD Además, como ya sabes, como el ají jobito no hay.

Espero con ansias tu participación. En Carúpano abunda la buena sazón y más en tu casa.

Saludos y suerte :)

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I already know that corn is one of your country's exclusive food, the dish you made with it is so awesome, thank you for inviting, ill will share my recipe soon

Hi, @jyoti-thelight! My country produces and consumes a lot of corn, mostly in the form of cornmeal, but you will often see it in our soups.

Thank you for your visit. Looking forward to your entry 🥰

Esta es una grandiosa sopa que aporta grandes beneficios a nuestra salud; un caldo de pollo siempre es bueno para reconfortarnos, y aliviar ciertos malestares.

Sin duda, la pureza de sus ingredientes de aportan un sabor peculiar; tal como lo mencionas con el ají tobito.

Gracias por compartirnos ese exquisito platillo venezolano.

Éxitos en el concurso.

Hola, @yolvijrm. Sopa de pollo, hasta para el mal de amores :)

Tienes mucha razón con respecto a los ingredientes; el caldo sabe a lo que le pongamos. Si hay buenos ingredientes, hay un buen caldo. Me gusta todo fresco, comenzando por la carne.

Muchas gracias por tu visita y suerte en el Reto 🥰

Seeing this colourful and beautiful soup makes me feel like trying it. I love spicy food, and this soup look so yummy. You really took your time in explaining how to make the soup. Thank you for sharing.

Hi, @temitopef! This soup is really flavorful; I'm sure you won't regret trying it sometime. Thank you for your nice words and for appreciating my presentation.
Cheers and good luck in the Challenge 🥰

You are welcome

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted through steemcurator08.

Thank you so much, @steemcurator08. Much appreciated 🙂💯


Wow I've been hearing and seeing this chicken soup on tv, how it's good for hangovers and common cold. The soup looks really colorful and will make anyone who sees it want to taste it.

Putting corn on a comb inside food is something which is not common in my country. Well I guess I've seen the reason why you put it from your post.

I loved your presentation and writing style. Good luck in the contest.

Hi, @wase1234. Indeed, chicken soup is almost magical when you need to recover from a flu or the next morning after having had one glass of wine too many XD

Thank you so much for visiting my post and for your kind words, I hope you put some corn on the comb in your soup soon!

Cheers and good luck!

First of all I just comend your pictures. They look amazing.

In Ghana we do prepare noodles from time to time but I don’t like it that much cause it doesn’t satisfy my hunger. I only eat it when am not hungry.

Well this is definitely my first time seeing corn mixed with noodles and soup.

I also see that the amount of soup is way morethan than noodle and will love to try it out.
I don’t know if I will like it though ☺️😂

Thank you so much for your good words, @rubilu123.

I've seen some noodle recipes you prepare in your country, and I understand why you say it's not exactly a well-rounded meal for you. Noodles are rather a light meal for us, too. When I was a little, mothers usually added margarine, milk, and grated cheese and fed them to their children. This tradition survives.

Now, about soup and noodles; for us a handful of noodles is enough in a pot of soup; what makes a bowl of soup a complete meal that will satisfy us is the meat and root vegetables we add. The soup recipe I have presented you with today is a special one, lighter, with potatoes and carrots only besides the chicken. Noodles and corn on the cob, plus the herbs make this soup ideal for those you feel weak or sick. It has a special place in our homes even if the weather is hot.

Thank you so much for visiting my post and good luck in the Challenge 🍀💯

Woow this is very interesting and yummy 😋 chicken and noodles soup. I have learned another dish today 💃 thank you for sharing this Recipes with us ma.

Hey, @yakspeace! Good to know it was new to you and that you liked it. My pleasure.
Cheers and good luck in the Challenge 🍀💯

You are welcome 😊

Wow, your meal is so so tantalizing and attractive dear, I trust you enough to know the food you prepared is so so sweet.

One day I will try my best to prepare something like this.

Wishing you success

Hi, @starrchris! I'm positive you know how to make soup very well. If you try making soup Venezuelan style, I'm sure it'd be a delight.

Cheers and good luck in the Challenge! :)

I like soup a lot, and I like it a lot. The soup you made today looks very tempting and I think it will be very tasty to eat. You took the chicken to make it, you also took more other ingredients. You have created and presented very nicely. I like to eat soup. In the end what you have served has been much better and quite tempting to look at

Thank you so much for your nice commen, @kawsar. Indeed, this is really good and I'm sure you'd love it if you try it someday. Cheers and good luck in the Challenge! :)

even for heartbreak, a hot chicken soup is something that Venezuelans generally appreciate

You say the food can be used to ease heartbreak, then I should definitely follow the steps carefully.

Ají jobito
I have told you already about them: grown only near my hometown. They are mainly green and yellow pods, but you can find red ones (rarely). They are rarely spicy; they are sweet chilis.

I have tried following your recipe but I think I won't be able to prepare it in Cameroon. Most of the ingredients need for it like the one above is not grown in my hometown.

I do wish you the best in the contest.

Hi, @ebuahsang1. The same happens to me when I check on recipes from your country or other countries from Africa; how nice it'd be if we were able to meet and exchange dishes.

Thank you for your good wishes and good luck to you, too :)

Yes this soup looks very tasty in this post. I feel some water in my mouth after watching it. Thanks for telling us that the hot chicken soup is something that Venezuelans generally appreciate and are grateful for.

You are right that Chicken soup is a tradition in Venezuela because I has been listen it in many posts. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Can you please visit my post its a request.

Greetings 🇵🇰

Hi, @malikusman1. It's a tradition indeed, and a very tasty one.

Sure I'll visit your post. You don't need to ask; it'll be my pleausre :)

Hello @marlyncabrera, you know I always admire your cooking skills and how you carefully arrange your recipe in a simple format.

This soup is looking tasty and in my country ( Nigeria), we might likely refer it to as "corn pepper soup" because of its texture. 😄 I can see how special this delicacy is to your country but then I was wondering why arepa wasn't mentioned before I saw this;😄

On a good day like today, we have our soup with hot arepas, fresh cheese, and/or avocado.

Thank you for sharing this great recipe with us and showing through your articles that Venezuela is blessed too with unique delicacies.

Best wishes!

Hi, @adylinah. I'm so happy to find your message here, and I'm laughing at your joke about arepas XD We Venezuelans are just too fond of them. I didn't present you with a recipe for arepas, but I did include them in the menu, hahaha.

I love the name "corn pepper soup". It sounds nice.

Thank you so much for your nice words and good luck in the Challenge :)

This time, I used: chopped chicken, onion, sweet chili, red bell pepper, garlic, spring onion, parsley, potatoes, carrot, and noodles

This chicken and noodles soup is so delicious for it is my first time of seeing such a great and wonderful meal like this.
This venezuela have alot of cuisine because I have came across all their meal in this steemit engagement challenge and it sound like they are the best went it came to cuisine and that seem as an opportunity for me to look for a way and visit your land venezuela

Hi, @tandwe-rene. I'm glad you have such a nice opinion of this Venezuelan soup. Perhaps, if you visit us someday, you will realize our culinary cultures are rather similar.

Cheers and good luck in the Challenge :)

Thank so much for the compliment

Do you still have some of the chicken and noodle soup? I am hungry

This seems to be an amazing meal which I may be missing. I don't like noodles but looking at yours makes me want to eat it. The steps are quite simlple and inviting to cook. This is good

Thanks for sharing with us

Hi, @tenguhatanga! Oh, unfortunately we're out, but I'll probably make some more this week and I'll let you know, so you can come and get a bowl of hot chicken and noodle soup just for you XD

You know, I do love noodles, although they are not my favorite ingredient for soups; however, eating this soup just as you see it in the pics made me remember my childhood. My mom used to make it just like this.

Big hug and good luck in the Challenge! :)

Wonderful entry, it is not only Venezuelans that like chicken soup, many of us in Nigerian enjoy cooking with chicken. Though your traditional chicken soup is very different from the way we prepare our chicken soup here . Thank you for sharing this to us.

Hi, @udyliciouz!

Indeed. I've seen Nigerian chicken pepper soup here on Steemit. It seems with a much thicker broth. I think our culinary traditions are not that different. Venezuelans and Africans, especially the western part, we have been in contact directly and indirectly for a long time. We have many influences in our daily cooking from you; for example, our most beloved fried plantain slices and tostones (with unripe plantain).

Thank you so much for visiting my post and good luck in the Challenge :)