Steemit Engagement Challenge 2 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | Welcome Mr. President: We need a Manifesto from you, What should we Expect?

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It's my pleasure to be here and participate in this steemit engagement challenge II hope you guys are great.

Vote for @gracyakan for president
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My name is @gracyakan from South south in Nigeria, I school, work as a civil servant and live here in Nigeria. I'm God fearing, like reading, entrepreneurship, new ideas, changing a place to suit the people, and putting a smile on people's face, I am aspiring for the office of the president and I strongly need your support because without you I can't be there.


Nigeria is a country that nothing is working although it has plenty nice and great potential, but these has become liability because of lack of good sustainance resulting in everyone looking for their self interest first, it is a boring and reluctant nation that the interest shift from politics to economic, religion to tribal and other too numerous to mention. These are few among the many problems we have in Nigeria
corruption, injustice, insecurity, unemployment, poverty, religious crises, tribalism.

The rate of crime is increasing from bad to worse, all borders are closed nothing comes in and go out (no import and export), you will agree with me that there is no country that can stand alone without others, we are the oil producing country with thousands of oil well and a natural one that God bless us with but we buy it at higher price than countries that purchase it from us and these results in increase price of everything,that's why there's extreme poverty in my country.

Religious and political crisis leads to banditry, kidnapping, assassination, herdsmen, known and unknown gun men, arm rubbery etc are very rampant resulting in killing of the innocent ones and the children. Poor education system, health system and economic status, money that is allocated to this sectors are embaseled by government and top politicians and nothing has been done about it, imagine school children sitting on the floor to be taught and some schools will be flooded anytime it rains, poor infrastructure, lack of adequate man power, lack of good instruments, because government officials and top politicians children are schooling outside the country so this doesn't boder them at all.

Everyone in Nigeria even the kids knows the problem of our country but we don't know the way out no wonder the bible said in Jeremiah 10 :23

"O Jehovah for I well know that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step".

This is a strong proof that only the almighty God Jehovah will be the one to bring an end to mankinds suffering and wickedness etc, is then and there that all will live peacefully in God's kingdom and enjoy life forever where mankind will experience true peace.


This is one of the most important office in the nation, I know as the President,is primarily responsible for safeguarding the country interests and welfare of the people as well as ensuring that other political leaders are acting in a way which promotes the country interests and welfare of the people of this great nation.

I strongly believe that the welfare of the people is key to attaining excellence leadership. It is therefore imperative for my people to elect someone who understands their interests and who is committed to protecting such interests. I am therefore seeking your support and votes even as I offer myself to serve you in the capacity of President of this country.


Since i am the true son of the soiI, that born, school, work, and live here in the country right from birth till now, face so many problems in our country, be in the shoe if many so I know what it's means to suffer hardship, because he who wears the shoes knows where it pains, I humbly believe that I have the requisite skills and ability to function effectively as President of this country if elected.

As a member of Nigerian institute of Management, I served in many offices starting from the state level to the national level with good leadership skills, someone with good sight and visions, innovative and good ambitions, good enterpreneur. I believe that these experiences will help me in functioning effectively and efficiently as President of this country.


Unemployment : employment does not base on qualificatiins / credit any longer, it's base on slot from political leaders, so I will great job opportunity for everyone including the illiterate by building factories, industries and companies and also support the private sector so that they can employ many people. When everyone can afford their daily living and pay their bills, there will be no arm robbers and other crimes.

Insecurity : banditry, kidnapping, militant, Ipop, assassination, herdsmen,known and unknown gunmen, etc are killing much people and this make people to live in fear, so I will make sure the security officers are well renumerated so that they will be serious in their work and also offer job opportunity to them if they surrender and stop doing so.

Injustice : when top political children commit any crime they will free them by all means but if that of a nobody commit such will be kill so I will make sure that anyone that will commit any crime will face the consequences, justice has to be done the way it should no matter who the person is to serves as an example to others.

Reterees suffering : reterees use to queue in the bank to collect their benefits at hand for like 5days before they could have it and some use to slumb and die due to stress so this will stop I will pay all reterees benefits to their account on monthly basis, and make sure they are being monitor by social workers.

Waste of public funds : government officials and political leaders are receiving treatment outside the country and that makes them to ignore the hospitals in the country in bad conditions, I will ensure that everyone starting from me the president to the poorest person in the interior places recieve medical attention/ treatment in the country except otherwise, because this will prompt me to equipp all the hospital in the country with modern equipment and sponsor training of personnels.

Religious crisis : I will ensure freedom of worship, minding your own and avoiding criticism to avoid crisis.

Renumeration : civil servant are the money makers yet their salary is very small, they work like elephant but eat like an ant, so I will reduce the monthly renumeration of politicians making it not attractive so that any one that will contest will do that simply because he/ she has Passion to serves his people not because of the money that is there, and increase the renumeration of civil servant and make it quite attractive.

Mismanagement of oil sector : hike in the price of our natural resources has make price of plenty things to go up, So I will reduce the price of oil to what everyone even the poor can afford.

Poor education system : I will ensure there's free education from Nursery to Secondary school level so that everyone will have a good foundation. I will make sure that fees for tertiary institution is affordable too to avoid school drop out, I will award scholarship to those that merit it.

Poor infrastructure : I will ensure there's adequate water supply to people who are in rural area, good roads and light for my people.


  • I will keep all borders open

  • I will make economy security the foundation

  • I will make long term investment like building industries

  • The use of renewable energy and encourage recycling

  • Encourage and support new technology

  • Use of science and technology to advance educational goa

There are many problems that I will love to solve but let me stop there
Please Vote innovation, creativity, trustworthy, wisdom and tolerance, vote @gracyakan for President.

Looking forward to serving you.

Thank you
Best regards,

I invite @vickydear, @goodybest, and @iddy to participate in this contest.


10pc to @steem4nigeria

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I think you were the right one to be president of your country, you know the problems and how to solve them, with good planning and a good team I know you will do well

Thanks dear for stopping by and wishing me well

These are few among the many problems we have in Nigeria
corruption, injustice, insecurity, unemployment, poverty, religious crises, tribalism.

You haven’t missed any of the pressing problems in Nigeria
Am sure your excellency will see to the betterment of the country

We hope so because hope is the only thing that keep us moving

it is and as any come your way you will solve them because we are in capable hands
Thanks for your reply

You have presented a great analysis of the current situation in Nigeria, and about your projects as the Prime Minister of this nation.

No nation can survive on its own, therefore the import and export of products, merchandise and services is necessary; Therefore, a prompt reopening of borders and international relations is necessary to allow trade with other nations.

Special attention to education as you propose, through the recovery and construction of schools, and the provision of materials and equipment necessary for students to carry out their activities as they deserve.

Other areas of attention during his tenure will be health, safety and basic services.

Very good country project. Much success in the contest.

Thanks for reading and bringing out some point

You have in deed shown that you are ready to make our dear country a better place , , going through your content has proven that with you we have a better Nigeria , thank you madam president

Welcome and thank you

You have shown through your manifestos that all you care is about the good interest of the people, reading through your innovations shows that you're committed to make a good change to the persisting problem facing the country. Ms President ma you have done a great Job and I think you deserve a good chance to prove to people of this nation that you're capable of bringing the change we have all been longing for... God bless Nigeria

I wish you luck in the contest

Thank you very much for appreciating and wishing me well

Mr president, the name of your party is really captivating. Young peoples party wow I like it. I am truly going to vote for you.
The solution to the problems you said you would solve really encouraged me espy that of insecurity. People now live in fear even while they are in their homes.

I wish you all the best

Thanks dear for your words of encouragement

You are welcome

Your Excellency ma , you've done well we hope you keep your promise when you get there you really spelt out the problem and solution nice post.

Yes keeping a promise is important that's why you need to vote for me because I feel the same pains everyone is feeling today and I Kno what it means, so I will not fail to fulfill my promise and even do more.

Hello @gracyakan,

I enjoyed reading your manifesto and I said to myself.This is the kind of leaders we need in this country.

Leaders who understands and has solution to the problems of Insecurity, unemployment, corruption,poor education, religious crisis and the rest are needed.With a young lady like you in the highest office of the land,we are sure of good and quality leadership.

Thanks for the support and am grateful you like my ambitions

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