The diary game how I spend my yesterday in my fashion house

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Good day my wonderful people, hope you all have a great day as for me my day went as planned . I want to talk about how I spent my today , I woke up by 5:00am and as usual we conducted our morning worship follow by my personal bible reading, After that I sweep the house and prepare breakfast for members of the family . We all ate and depart to our various work places . I arrived my shop at about 8:30am and sweep and arrange my shop bring out the materials that is for sale as well as displaying clothes in the mannequin.when I was done with all that I went to purchase material for today's sewing which was a short gown , I first of all went to a bridal shop to buy some stuff for the cloth.
IMG_20210721_101431_2.jpg this is the picture of me in the braidal shop.
When I returned from buying the material I sprayed out the cloth and start measuring according to the customer's body size.
The picture below shows the material and when I was cutting the cloth after measuring



The picture below shows when I was done cutting the material and is now ready for sewing
After I was done with measuring and cutting , I was so hungry I had to pause and eat my lunch , I prepare rice and stew for lunch the stew was prepared with fresh tomatoes and fresh cat fish because this is the season for fish so we bought enough of it. You can see that in the picture below.


When I finish eating I continue sewing the cloth and carefully trim the extra fringes
I later put it in the mannequin for display , and this really attract the passersby.


Going back home I didn't do anything much I was just trying to write Achivement 5 that is how I spend my yesterday

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