Can you find a job and keep it?

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Hello fellow steemians do you know that it is one thing to find a job and it is another thing to keep a job.


My fellow Nigerians will agree with me that it is very difficult to get a job no matter your level of education.

Most Nigerians after years of studying a particular course they end up being a commercial driver of a tricycle or a bus due to lack of employment.

Most youth venture in different ways of making earns meet no matter how difficult and different it is from what they have studied.

Now the question is what are some tips that can help us find a job🙏

  • Create an eye catching CV, make your CV simple and straight to the point.

  • Your dressing and grooming says a lot about you, so wear formal clothes while you go search for a job.

  • Persistent pays off, make it your job to find a job, don't quickly get tired of searching for a job just like a miner never gets tired of mining be hopeful that you will get a job if you do not tired out.

  • If you are invited for an interview try be punctual because that will show how good and punctual you will be if you get the job.

  • Be positive and have in mind to start somewhere, calculate your expenses before accepting any job to avoid being frustrated at the middle of the job.

Wow 😮 finally I got a job, how can I keep the job

It is very difficult sometimes to keep a job especially when it involves what some of the work involves some duties outside the box but when we possess some qualities we will prevail and succeed.

Be humble enough to accept corrections and always be tactful when erring your view over a particular thing no matter how bad you feel and how upset you are.

Know your value, set a goal and work towards your goal this will serve as a motivator that will help you endure whatever comes up and be willing to do whatever your employee wants.
Remember that your boss will count not just the work you do but also the attitude we display towards the job.

Be honest in all aspect of your job, sometimes it is difficult to be honest in a dishonest surrounding but honesty will help you to have clear conscience at all time.

Make sure you put in your best and your boss will see that you don't just follow instructions but you can work with less or no supervision.

Ask questions, look, listen to your supervisor as he answers those questions of yours, calm down to learn new skills to help you fit in in any opportunity that comes up thereby wining the heart of your supervisor.

Try to make friends with your coworkers to know more positive things you can do for the company but try hard to avoid gossiping the boss or other workers of the company.

Never be too loss to let people know your goals just work and act towards it and you will surely get there.

Yes i hope you will find this article interesting.
Thank you all and thank you @fredquantum for this contest

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Thanks for sharing with us ma, have learnt something new from your post, I learnt we should calculate our expenses first before accepting a job to avoid getting frustrated.

Job Job Job...
This has been a terrible experience especially for those of us in some from the African region where bad leadership and monumental corruption has eaten up the infrastructural and industrial development that would ordinarily provide the needed jobs.

What about the Social investment schemes that should hold on citizens prior to when they secure jobs? They are mostly unavailable. We cannot succinctly separate some vices in our society today from the causes seen from lack of job.

The issue of Jobs, cannot be well explained in whole while making my comment as there are terrible effects and consequences for non provision of jobs to the teaming youths.

What about the Labor polices that should guide and protect the worker who just secured one? Are the polices fully activated or are workers left to the mercy of her employee? There are many questions to be asked.

Thank you @beautybb, you have talked more on the etiquettes, and job search skills which are all very beneficial to the prospective and entry level worker...
Thank you for sharing this great piece with us

@xkool24 honestly job issue is a very big problem especially in our African countries that is why most youths are aggressive and can do anything for money.

You're right about these👇

Your dressing and grooming says a lot about you, so wear formal clothes while you go search for a job

That's why some guys that keeps dreadlock always find it difficult to get a job.

What a great article! I love the tips you outlined on how to get a good job...

Well detailed CV.
Dressing properly
Being punctual
Be ready to work
Cost your expenses...

If only we will understand that this life has gone beyond education only... getting a skill will go a long way to take care of one in rainy season. Thanks for sharing this good piece with us.