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And when I finally convinced myself with every reason as a patriotic citizen of Nigeria to celebrate this great Remembrance Day of independence, the feeling was strong.

Independence day celebration is a supposed happy day for all citizens of a country which gained independence from the hands of colonial masters. Come to think of it individually, every single person who wants to progress seeks Independent however, the capacity to deal with difficulties that might arise after independence is a barrier.

But not when it comes to a country that has suffered so much in different ways in their land on the hands of foreigners, to them even if it means they'll suffer after independence it's still better for them to gain it and suffer for their lack of resources independently than on to another's hand.
This is just in relation to what our forefathers went through on this land which we are today. Worth celebrating right? Let me linger ...

About Nigeria's independence

Nigerian Coat of Arm Pixabay

Royal Niger protectorate now Nigeria as a republic nation today before gaining independence and in 1960 Oct 1st and becoming a republic in 1963 suffered for years under the Europeans rule in many ways, worth mentioning is being a centre for enslaved Nation.

Since gaining independence 62 years ago, Nigeria have had more than 14 leaders including military rule and civilian rule. At some times military rule overthrown serving leaders in a coup d'etat for incompetency yet the level at which Nigeria is today is so isn't impressive at all because of incompetence leaders.

Now you know why many Nigerians today including me at first view this day as just a normal day.

Why I decided to celebrate Nigeria's independence day

I decided not to at first, because celebrating independence of a country with zero value for education, less value for people's lives and properties with so much corrupt leaders is what some of us viewed irrelevant.

However I later had a change of mind when I greeted my mummy today morning and responded by wishing me happy new month and Independence day celebration. This and other minor reasons, coupled with one big reason reason with got me carried away into the celebration is my all day favorite quote

"The only way to do great things is to love what you do"

And I interpreted it this way; the only way move this country forward is to love how far we've come.

I helped mummy in decorating her Beer Bar

White chairs & green center table decoration

I helped decorated her beverages bar independently. Momma sells drinks at No 7 Julius Begger Road Bonny Island Rivers State.

She sells all kinds of beers as well soft drinks, red and alcoholic wines and does barbeque as well.

We got there at 8 after rain delayed us home. We did the decoration and it lasted not more than an hour. As expected, everywhere's green white green representing Nigeria's flag.
White chairs & green center table decoration


As of the time of publishing this post, I returned home and set to eat . Hoping to go out after taking my bath.
I wish all patriotic Nigerians a happy independence day celebration

Long live Nigeria
God Bless Nigeria

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